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Empowering Pakistani Women through Education and Family Planning

by Zubeida Mustafa -Pakistan- Empowerment is opening up new spaces for personal development for women in Pakistan. As opportunities for education come within their reach women are learning how to upgrade their lives. This has brought the realization that a

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Life-Skills Training to Break the Cycle of Violence in Mongolia

by Michelle Tolson -Mongolia- One night while relaxing at home after a long day of horseback riding, I heard a loud banging on a door downstairs. It was a man adamant to be let in. He was probably drunk. This

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Women Leaders: Africa’s Available Yet Underutilized Resource

by Susan Enuogbope Majekodunmi -USA- My maternal grandfather’s mantra was, “Educate a woman, and you feed and educate her family.” He educated his daughters when Nigerian fathers rarely did. My grandfather was also very interested in my education and often

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Taking the First Step: Educating Karachi’s Street Children

by Zubeida Mustafa -Pakistan- The story of Parveen Lateef and her home school was first published on October 22, 2010. This version includes an update on Lateef and her students. It is as relevant today as it was when it

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Girls for Gender Equity: Title IX Does Not Only Apply to Sports!

by Mandy Van Deven -USA- An unfortunate oversight of the recent media attention on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) bullying is the advocacy potential that decades-old legislation has to prevent gender-based harassment in schools. Title IX of the

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Food Is Priority for Children Evicted From Kenya’s Mau Forest

by Rachel Muthoni -Kenya- Since they were evicted from the Mau Forest complex two years ago, more than 10,000 families have known no better life than that of suffering, sleeping in the cold, hunger, and lack of access to basic

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The Price of Education: Sexual Abuse and HIV/AIDS At Zimbabwe’s Universities

by Chumile Jamela -Zimbabwe- Lisa Kunene’s* path to higher learning has been a painful one. A 20-year-old first-year engineering student at one of the top universities in Zimbabwe, she was born to a poor communal farmer in rural Matebeleland South,

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Breaking the Cycle of Poverty, Illiteracy, and Discrimination in India

by Lesley D. Biswas -India- Poverty, illiteracy and gender disparity are engrained in the Indian society. Key indicators of social development such as health and education are below average. The World Bank estimates India is home to 456 million people

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Investing where it Matters: Promoting Girl’s Education in Afghanistan

by Louise Hancock -Afghanistan- Nazifa is typical of millions of Afghan girls. She was forced to drop out of school as a teenager when the Taliban came to power and began to close down girls’ schools. For three years, she

The Lottery – Harlem Children’s Chance for a Successful Education

by Alexandra Marie Daniels -USA- The Lottery, one of two films about American public education to make the short list for the 83rd Academy Awards, gives hope that public awareness about the dire state of American education will continue to