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VIP Falcon Health Care in the United Arab Emirates

by Victoria Aitken -UK- Ever heard of a hospital which is an international tourist attraction recommended by guidebooks and airlines? Where state of the art medical technology is virtually limitless? And whose patients are all VIPs yet never complain? Welcome

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Cancer in Kenya Should Not Be A Death Certificate

by Joyce J. Wangui -Kenya- Biopsy, mammogram, and chemotherapy are words all too familiar with cancer patients. Death is another word often at the tip of many tongues as patients describe the disease. Kenyans are coming to terms with cancer,

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Why are Women Dying from a Preventable Disease?

by Dr. Carmen Barroso -USA- Diseases such as diabetes and cancer cause tens of millions of deaths each year, many of which are premature. Once the burden of rich countries, these non-communicable diseases are increasingly affecting individuals in low- and

No Ordinary Fatigue: Battling Sjögren’s

by Paromita Pain -USA- “We cried the first time I told my family I had Sjögren’s syndrome,” says Susan Ross. “Dealing with the pain and fatigue seemed so overwhelming at times, but I was glad to finally know what it

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German Anti-nuclear Tradition Predates Fukushima

by Rose-Anne Clermont -Germany- A version of the following article was originally published April 8, 2011. Last month, German parliament approved plans to shut down the nation’s nuclear plants by 2022, becoming the first industrialized nation to abandon atomic energy.

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Food Is Priority for Children Evicted From Kenya’s Mau Forest

by Rachel Muthoni -Kenya- Since they were evicted from the Mau Forest complex two years ago, more than 10,000 families have known no better life than that of suffering, sleeping in the cold, hunger, and lack of access to basic

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Refuse, Renew, and Precycle this World Oceans Day

by Katharine Daniels Executive Editor June 8 is World Oceans Day – a growing global celebration of the big blue body of life that covers 71 percent of the earth’s surface. “The ocean makes life on Earth possible,” reads the

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To Survive Humans Need Will to Change: Commit to Reducing Pollution and Waste this Earth Day

by Victoria Stirling -Canada- What legacy are we going to leave our descendants? Will human beings worldwide re-evaluate our actions, our politics, and our economics according to their effects on the whole network of life? Today the ethics of ecology

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Germany’s Environmental Conscience Reacts to Japanese Nuclear Crisis

by Rose-Anne Clermont -Germany- “Offshore drilling and nuclear power plants,” I wrote on my Facebook status. “Too much faith in technology or disregard for future generations?” This was the day after the first hydrogen explosion at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear

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Resisting Violence through Sustainable Agriculture in Colombia

by Moira Birss -USA/Colombia- In the middle of one of the most fertile regions in Colombia, amidst a five-decade armed conflict, a small peasant community manages to serve as a model of civilian resistance against violence and displacement. But as

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