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Using Twitter: from Conversation to Community

by Charukesi Ramadurai – India – “First day in Parliament. From the sublime (the historic Central Hall for the Cong legislators meeting) to the bureacratic (8 forms to fill)!” – 12:17 AM May 19th from TwitterBerry One of India’s newest

Cultural Challenges and Personal Sacrifices: Is the Journey Worth it for Hispanic Women in Hi-Tech?

by Lisa C. Kaczmarczyk – USA – Talking to my friend Nevada Flores* about her decision to leave her comfortable engineering job reminded me of one of our scary trips into the Cuyamaca Mountains outside San Diego. An avid hiker,

Remote Warfare Radically Changes the Front Lines

by Kimberly N. Chase – USA – In ancient times, warriors could look one another in the eye on the battlefield. War was fought with minimal weaponry, a person-to-person test of bravery and strength. Battlefields were clearly demarcated, extending only

Women in Media: The Value of Women’s Stories and PerspectivesAn Online Community Chat with Carol Jenkinsand Patricia DeGennaro

by Katharine Daniels Executive Editor, The WIP – USA – The WIP launched in 2007 on International Women’s Day, a commemorative day that marks the centuries-old struggle women have faced to participate in society on equal footing with men. The

E-waste: America’s Electronics Feed the Global Digital Dump

by Michelle Chen – USA – The landscape of Guiyu, a remote town in China’s Guangdong province, embodies a collision between past and future. Amid acidic plumes of smoke and vast mountains of trash, migrants scour for valuable scraps using

More Internet Equals More Jobs: Reviving the Economy with Broadband

by Megan Tady – USA – Connie Toops would be content photographing birds all day long. In fact, she’s made a business of it, working as a professional freelance nature photographer. Her office could be her backyard – she moved

Silver Surfers: Senior Citizens in India Embrace the Internet to Cope with a Lonely Future

by Lesley D. Biswas – India – Dennis Meredith has two sprawling bungalows on 15 acres of rich fertile country land in McCluskiegunj where he has spent his life nurturing a beautiful garden and orchard. Dennis has lived here since

Kashmir’s Private Industry Offers Solutions Where Government Falls Short

by Afsaana Rashid – Indian-administered Kashmir – With soaring unemployment and a private sector still in troubled infancy, for the last few decades, government has provided the bulk of Kashmir’s jobs. Yet today this may be changing; on the heels

Lonely in an Electronic Wilderness: “the great emotional sickness of our era”

by Handan T. Satiroglu – USA/Turkey – “Technology allows us to separate ourselves from reality – moving people away from the real to the imagined, from the emotional to the controlled,” observes Derek V. Smith in an email interview. The

Flow: Who Owns the World’s Water?

by Jessica Mosby – USA – After seeing the new documentary Flow, my 2009 New Year’s resolution is to stop buying bottled water. Over $100 billion is spent annually on bottled water, but it would cost only $30 billion to