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Medical Tourism: When Push Comes to Shove, My Embryonic Stem Cell Adventure Begins

by Amy B. Scher -USA- I am on a 21-hour flight, I am disabled, uncomfortable, and in pain. I hate crowds, I get anxious when I cannot escape from a small space, and I am not fond of germs. I

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Egyptian Elections: Economics and Politics Trump Women’s Rights

by Fernande van Tets and Aline Sara -Egypt- On Monday night it was announced that Mohamed Morsi and Ahmed Shafiq would progress to the run off next month of the Egyptian presidential elections. Both are conservative candidates; Shafiq was prime

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Bothaina Kamel: Revolutionary, Defender of Social Justice, and Egypt’s First Female Nominee

by Manar Ammar -Egypt- In a sea of local press coverage and media appearances of presidential nominees for Egypt’s upcoming election, Bothaina Kamel’s name is left out. As the country’s first woman to nominate herself for Egypt’s highest position, she

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Despite Election, Burma’s Sham Constitution Guarantees Military Control

by Cheery Zahau -Burma/India/Thailand- It is a critical time in my country’s history. The military junta, called the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC), has ruled Burma since 1962 through violence and the severe repression of dissidents, ethnic armed-resistance groups,

How Legislators Manipulate Elections in the USA: An Interview with Gerrymandering Director Jeff Reichert

by Jessica Mosby -USA- On Tuesday you may think that you are going to the polls to choose your next elected official, but the upsetting reality of many congressional and state elections is that incumbent politicians have manipulated district boundaries

The Female Faces of Resistance in Uganda: Preventing “Another Kenya” in 2011 Elections

by Rosebell Kagumire -Uganda- Political participation of women has changed since 2005 when Uganda, under donor pressure, opened political space to allow political parties in a country that had been largely a one-party state. With these new political changes, more

Fundamental Change in Colombia Unlikely with President-elect Santos

by Moira Birss -Colombia/USA- Fulfilling expectations after a solid showing in May’s first round, former Defense Minister Juan Manuel Santos handily won Colombia’s June 20th presidential run-off election. Though Santos and his contender, Antanas Mockus, the former mayor of the

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Amid Tensions and Surprises Colombia Prepares to Elect a New President

by Moira Birss -USA/Colombia- Colombia prides itself on being Latin America’s oldest democracy. Unlike its neighbors, Colombia has not suffered brutal military coups and dictatorships and, with one brief exception, has held regular presidential elections since the mid 19th century.

This is America: By a Landslide!

To Vote Or Not To Vote?:Why Obama May Be the Right Man at the Wrong Time

by Bia Assevero – USA / France – Youth is wasted on the young. How many times have we heard that before? In my case though, I’m beginning to wonder if the right to vote isn’t wasted on me as