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From Argentina to Zimbabwe, our global collective of women writers provide unique perspectives and quality analysis on the issues and events that figure prominently in their communities and countries.

  • Imelda V. Abaño

    Imelda V. Abaño

    Imelda Visaya-Abaño began her journalism career in 1998 as a reporter at the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the leading daily newspaper in the Philippines. Her areas of interest are women and children’s issues, science, environment, health, agriculture and education. In 2002, Ms.…Read more ›
  • Reem Abbas

    Reem Abbas

    Reem Abbas is a Sudanese journalist. She graduated from the American University in Cairo with a BA in journalism and mass communications and a minor in sociology. As a journalist, she writes about humanitarian issues from a gender-sensitive perspective. Ms.…Read more ›
  • Arwa Aburawa

    Arwa Aburawa

    Arwa Aburawa is a freelance journalist based in the UK with an interest in the environment, the Middle East, Islam and various social issues. Her work has been published at The Guardian, Al Jazeera, Make/Shift, Electronic Intifada, Muslimah Media Watch,…Read more ›
  • Remi Adeoye

    Remi Adeoye

    Remi Adeoye has been a journalist in Nigeria for over 10 years. She started as a freelance scriptwriter for Wale Adenuga Productions, after which she joined Vanguard Newspapers, a national daily in Nigeria. She covered fashion until she became the…Read more ›
  • Meltem Ağduk

    Meltem Ağduk

    Meltem Ağduk is Gender Programme Coordinator for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Turkey. She is a graduate of Journalism and Public Relations. After getting her MSci on Media Studies, she is now preparing her PhD dissertation on “Women…Read more ›
  • Hebah Ahmed

    Hebah Ahmed

    Hebah Ahmed lives in New Mexico with her husband and two children. She is an Associate writer of MuslimMatters, and a contributor to I Speak for Myself. She has been featured on NPR, CNN, 20/20 with Diane Sawyer, and was…Read more ›
  • Victoria Aitken

    Victoria Aitken

    Victoria Aitken is a journalist, songwriter and singer. She has published in The Sunday Times, Style Magazine, The Daily Mail, Tatler, The Daily Telegraph, and has written for The Guardian. Victoria has performed to audiences in London, Manhattan, Berlin, Dubai…Read more ›
  • Noorjahan Akbar

    Noorjahan Akbar

    Noorjahan Akbar is a student activist and blogger from Afghanistan. She has taught English, computer skills and leadership to women; participated in and organized several protests for women’s rights in Afghanistan; formed a creative writing program for children at orphanages;…Read more ›
  • Emel Baştürk Akca

    Emel Baştürk Akca

    Dr. Emel Baştürk Akca was born in Ankara, Turkey and graduated from Ankara University with a Master’s in Faculty of Communication. She earned her doctorate degree in Journalism from the Institute of Social Sciences at the University of Ege (Aegean).…Read more ›
  • Alia Turki Al-Rabeo

    Alia Turki Al-Rabeo

    Alia Turki Al-Rabeo is based in Doha, Qatar, where she edits Kutub, a monthly book review magazine of Al-Araby Al-Jadeed. She has been reporting for various English and Arabic-language news sources globally over the past decade. She won UN Alliance…Read more ›
  • Alice Alech

    Alice Alech

    Alice Alech was born in Guyana, educated in the United Kingdom and has lived in the Caribbean and Australia. She is a freelance writer living in France.
  • Riham Alkousaa

    Riham Alkousaa

    Riham Alkousaa is 24-year-old Palestinian Syrian Journalist based in Berlin, Germany. She holds a BA in Faculty of Media from Damascus University. She was previously employed at Sham FM Radio in Damascus, Syria; Syria Today Magazine, and by the online…Read more ›
  • Saskia van Alphen

    Saskia van Alphen

    Saskia van Alphen started her professional career in accounting and worked with one of the top 5 firms in the Netherlands, but was soon drawn to work that allowed greater participation in the social fabric of her country. For several…Read more ›
  • Kimberly Amador

    Kimberly Amador

    Kimberly Amador earned her B.A. in Global Studies from California State University Monterey Bay and her M.S. in Gender and International Relations from the University of Bristol in England. Her interests include feminism, politics, and literature. She is a strong…Read more ›
  • Manar Ammar

    Manar Ammar

    Manar Ammar is an Egyptian journalist who was born and raised in Cairo. She studied fine arts at Helwan University in Cairo and independent film making in Chicago, Illinois. Manar’s work has appeared in the Daily News Egypt, All Headline…Read more ›
  • Faye Anderson

    Faye Anderson

    Faye M. Anderson is a citizen journalist and public policy consultant. Her blog, Anderson@Large, was included in the first scholarly research examining the role of black bloggers and the blogosphere. Faye wrote and produced Counting on Democracy, a documentary about…Read more ›
  • Nusrat Ara

    Nusrat Ara

    Nusrat Ara is a freelance journalist based in Indian-administered Kashmir who is interested in covering issues that have gone underreported in the media. She holds a postgraduate degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from the University of Kashmir and is…Read more ›
  • Bia Assevero

    Bia Assevero

    Bia Assevero is a dual French-American citizen and a graduate of the American University of Paris with degrees in international politics and international communications.
  • Tess Bacalla

    Tess Bacalla

    Tess Bacalla, a freelance journalist from the Philippines, has written on a host of issues dealing with corruption and other socio-political issues, as well as women and children. She was a recipient of the 2004 Jaime V. Ongpin Excellence in…Read more ›
  • Nadezhda Banchik

    Nadezhda Banchik

    Nadezhda (Nadya) Banchik was born and raised in L’viv, Ukraine. She holds a Masters in Journalism from the Ukrainian Academy of Publishing (Ukrains’ka Akademia Drukarstva) and completed post-graduate studies at Moscow State University. In 1996, she moved to San Jose,…Read more ›
  • Rita Banerji

    Rita Banerji

    Rita Banerji is a writer, photographer, and gender activist. She is the founder of The 50 Million Missing Campaign, a global campaign that is fighting the ongoing female genocide in India. Born and raised in 17 towns all over India,…Read more ›
  • Carmen Barroso

    Carmen Barroso

    Dr. Carmen Barroso has served as the Regional Director of International Planned Parenthood Federation/Western Hemisphere Region (IPPF/WHR) since 2003. Through its 40 member associations in the Americas and the Caribbean, IPPF/WHR provides almost 27 million services annually. Dr. Barroso has…Read more ›
  • Sophie Becker

    Sophie Becker

    Sophie Becker is doing freelance writing while on maternity leave from Sweden’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs. She enjoys finding similarities between the two professions as they both build on seeing and understanding differing points of views. She has been posted…Read more ›
  • Kavita Bedford

    Kavita Bedford

    Kavita Bedford is an award-winning freelance writer from Australia. She has had articles published in The Women’s International Perspective, Voiceworks, Tharunka, The Santiago Times, Revolver Culture Guide, The Canberra Times and RealTime. In 2010, she was featured as an outstanding…Read more ›
  • Louise Belfrage

    Louise Belfrage

    Louise Belfrage was born in Sweden, earned her BA in Comparative Religion and Philosophy at the Stockholm University, and has worked in social science and liberal arts research, TV and publishing. Presently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Louise is an…Read more ›
  • Jennie S. Bev

    Jennie S. Bev

    Jennie S. Bev is a writer and columnist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She contributes regularly to The Jakarta Post, RiseUp, Asia Sentinel (HK), Media Bistro, and Tracy Press. Her background is a concoction of law, education, and…Read more ›
  • Aditi Bhaduri

    Aditi Bhaduri

    Aditi Bhaduri is an award-winning independent journalist and researcher, who writes for both the Indian and international media. She also acts as a consultant to various organizations on issues of foreign policy, conflict resolution, and gender.
  • Priyanka Bhardwaj

    Priyanka Bhardwaj

    Priyanka Bhardwaj is an independent journalist and risk analyst based in Gurgaon/New Delhi, India who has covered diverse issues related to the Indian subcontinent for seven years. Her work has been published in Asia Sentinel, Opinion Asia, Siliconeer Magazine, Asia…Read more ›
  • Moira Birss

    Moira Birss

    Moira Birss spent over two years in Colombia as a Human Rights Observer. She now serves as the Colombian Project Representative in Washington for Peace Brigades International. After graduating from the University of Michigan, Moira worked on researching community-based models…Read more ›
  • Lesley D. Biswas

    Lesley D. Biswas

    Lesley D. Biswas is a freelance creative writer and journalist based in Kolkata, India. She has written extensively for the past eleven years on sports, gardening, women and youth issues. Her articles have appeared both in print and online for…Read more ›
  • Ellen Bravo

    Ellen Bravo

    Ellen Bravo learned about pay inequity as a teenager, when her father, who had been the sole earner in the family most of the time, was sidelined by health issues for a year and her mother’s income as a social…Read more ›
  • Gemma Bulos

    Gemma Bulos

    Gemma Bulos is an award-winning social entrepreneur and the Director of the Global Women’s Water Initiative (GWWI). Prior to stepping in as Director of GWWI, Gemma was the Founder/Executive Director of A Single Drop (USA) and the Founding Director of…Read more ›
  • Florence Bute

    Florence Bute

    Florence Bute is a freelance writer and journalist in Harare, Zimbabwe. Formerly an editor at a local weekly publication, she now contributes to Irin, South Scan, Global Politician and WFS, among other publications. She writes under this pseudonym to avoid…Read more ›
  • Chin Cabrido

    Chin Cabrido

    Charina “Chin” Cabrido is an environmental researcher, a journalist and a cycling advocate from the Philippines working for sustainable urban transport in Kathmandu, Nepal. She received her double Masters Degree in Environmental Management and Science from the University of San…Read more ›
  • Barbara Callahan

    Barbara Callahan

    Barbara Callahan joined International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBRRC) in 1997 and is IBRRC’s Director of Response Services. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Science from the University of Alaska Anchorage, where her studies included avian hematology…Read more ›
  • Kelley Calvert

    Kelley Calvert

    Kelley Calvert is an Assistant Professor of English for Academic and Professional Purposes and the director of the Graduate Writing Center (GWC) at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies. She has worked as a professional writing tutor at California State…Read more ›
  • Sarah-Eva Carlson

    Sarah-Eva Carlson

    Sarah-Eva Carlson is currently coordinating the launch of Investars YOU. She has worked in magazine advertising sales and most recently for a global security and legislative expert network. She holds a M.Litt. in International Security Studies from the University of…Read more ›
  • Urmila Chanam

    Urmila Chanam

    Urmila Chanam is a journalist from the small state of Manipur in north-eastern India. In 2013 she was awarded the Laadli Media and Advertising Award for Gender Sensitivity and recognized for her efforts to bring forth issues revolving around women…Read more ›
  • Kimberly N. Chase

    Kimberly N. Chase

    Kimberly N. Chase is a freelance journalist specializing in environmental features for print and television. She graduated in 2005 from Stanford’s MA program in journalism and worked as a crime reporter in California before spending two years in Mexico City.…Read more ›
  • Michelle Chen

    Michelle Chen

    Michelle Chen works and plays in New York City. A former Fulbright research fellow and zine publisher, she has also written for In These Times, Air America, Extra!, and Colorlines. She blogs at Working In These Times and
  • Rupa Chinai

    Rupa Chinai

    Rupa Chinai is an independent journalist based in Mumbai, India. She has been writing on health and development issues for the past 25 years and her work has appeared in some of India’s leading English language daily newspapers and websites…Read more ›
  • Julie Chowdhury

    Julie Chowdhury

    Born and raised in Sweden, Bangladeshi Julie Chowdhury works for the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan. She holds a joint honors bachelor’s degree in Politics and International Studies and Development Studies. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Gender Studies. Julie…Read more ›
  • Nancy St. Clair

    Nancy St. Clair

    Nancy St. Clair owns a web design business that helps small business startups and non-profits succeed. She received a broad liberal education at the University of California, Berkeley, and Syracuse University. Later, with three daughters, she completed a Masters at…Read more ›
  • Anna Clark

    Anna Clark

    Anna Clark’s writing has appeared in The American Prospect, Utne Reader, AlterNet, Writers’ Journal, Bitch Magazine, Religion Dispatches, Women’s eNews, ColorLines, RH Reality Check, make/shift, and other publications. She edits the blog, Isak, and she contributes video book reviews to…Read more ›
  • Rose-Anne Clermont

    Rose-Anne Clermont

    Rose-Anne Clermont was born in New York City and first lived in Germany as a Fulbright fellow from 1998-1999. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Sarah Lawrence College and a Master’s Degree in Journalism from Columbia University. She has contributed…Read more ›
  • Nora W. Coffey

    Nora W. Coffey

    Nora W. Coffey is the author of THE H WORD and is the president of the Hysterectomy Educational Resources and Services (HERS) Foundation. She has been a guest lecturer at medical schools, nursing schools, and conferences, and has appeared on…Read more ›
  • Melissa Costa

    Melissa Costa

    Melissa Costa is a Brazilian student of journalism at the University of the District of Columbia, in Washington D.C. In addition to writing for the Brazilian press, Melissa nurtures a passion for literature and has received awards in Brazil for…Read more ›
  • Lien De Coster

    Lien De Coster

    Lien De Coster is a Belgian freelance journalist. She is currently based in Amsterdam where she works primarily for and, websites about social movements in Latin America. Apart from Latin America, Lien’s main areas of interest are gender…Read more ›
  • Deborah K. Cruze

    Deborah K. Cruze

    Deborah K. Cruze is a bioethicist currently serving as a Program Associate in Health Sciences and Ethics at the Center for Ethics, Emory University in Atlanta. Originally from Nebraska, she began her career as an assistant attorney general in Arizona…Read more ›
  • Jozefina Cutura

    Jozefina Cutura

    Jozefina Cutura works on gender issues for the World Bank and has published on the subject widely. Her short stories have appeared in literary journals and she is currently working on a novel centered around a small town in Bosnia.…Read more ›
  • Jane Dabel

    Jane Dabel

    Jane Dabel is an associate professor of history at California State University, Long Beach. She is the author of A Respectable Woman: The Public Roles of African American Women in 19th-Century New York (NYU Press, 2008). She is currently working…Read more ›
  • Shola Dada

    Shola Dada

    Olushola Dada is a Nigerian writer and recording artist. Shola received her bachelor’s degree in mass communication from the University of Maiduguri, Nigeria. She has published two novellas and has also worked as a scriptwriter, screenwriter and editor with the…Read more ›
  • Melissa Dalton-Bradford

    Melissa Dalton-Bradford

    Melissa Dalton-Bradford is the author of Global Mom: Eight Countries, Sixteen Addresses, Five Languages, One Family (Familius, July 2013). She holds a BA in German and an MA in Comparative Literature, both from Brigham Young University. She speaks, reads and…Read more ›
  • Alexandra Marie Daniels

    Alexandra Marie Daniels

    Alexandra Marie Daniels is a writer, dancer, and filmmaker. Born in California, at age 17 she moved to New York City, where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Sarah Lawrence College. She choreographed and taught with Jacques D’Amboise’s…Read more ›
  • Patricia DeGennaro

    Patricia DeGennaro

    Patricia DeGennaro is a professor, writer, analyst and consultant based in New York City. Patricia’s extensive experience in international relations and economic development makes her a sought-after source on U.S. foreign policy and national security topics. Within the last year,…Read more ›
  • Blaire Dessent

    Blaire Dessent

    Blaire Dessent was born in La Jolla, California and recently settled in Paris after ten years in New York City where she worked in contemporary art. She was formerly the Director for the Art Omi International Artists’ Residency, a non-profit…Read more ›
  • Mandy Van Deven

    Mandy Van Deven

    Mandy Van Deven is an internationally published writer, progressive activist, and co-author of Hey, Shorty!: A Guide to Combating Sexual Harassment and Violence in Schools and on the Streets. You can find more about her work at
  • Aloosh Devrim

    Aloosh Devrim

    Aloosh Devrim is a young social media activist whose family struggled against Hafiz Al-Assad’s rule and policies. She has traveled to the Americas, Europe, and Middle East for work.
  • Chryselle D’Silva Dias

    Chryselle D’Silva Dias

    Chryselle D’Silva Dias is a freelance writer based in Goa, India. Her work has been published in Indian and international publications including Time, the BBC, WSJ Asia, The Guardian Weekly, The National and Marie Claire India, among others. When she’s…Read more ›
  • Natasha Dokovska

    Natasha Dokovska

    Natasha Dokovska has been a journalist for 23 years, covering social issues and human rights in Macedonia. She has been an editor for international policy, an advocate for human rights as an NGO activist and publisher, and has edited books…Read more ›
  • Andrea Dulanto

    Andrea Dulanto

    Andrea Dulanto received her M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Florida International University, and her B.A. in Literature & Women’s Studies from Antioch College in Ohio. She works as a freelance writer and editor, and teaches writing at Florida International University.…Read more ›
  • Zofeen Ebrahim

    Zofeen Ebrahim

    About the Author: For Pakistani journalist, Zofeen Ebrahim, the path to journalism was never a “carefully thought out” or a “planned” career choice. It was as if she was being led towards it. After graduating, and completing her master’s degree, she…Read more ›
  • Stine Eckert

    Stine Eckert

    Stine Eckert was born in a small town in East Germany. After studying Journalism and American Studies at the University of Leipzig, she came to Ohio where she reported and anchored for WOUB radio and television. She will graduate this…Read more ›
  • Marian Wright Edelman

    Marian Wright Edelman

    Marian Wright Edelman is a lifelong advocate for disadvantaged Americans and is the President of the Children’s Defense Fund (CDF). Under her leadership, CDF has become the nation’s strongest voice for children and families.
  • Riane Eisler

    Riane Eisler

    Riane Eisler is best known for her international bestseller The Chalice and The Blade and her new book The Real Wealth of Nations: Creating a Caring Economics. She is President of the Center for Partnership Studies and co-founder of the…Read more ›
  • Skye Enyeart

    Skye Enyeart

    Multimedia artist, feminist activist, and linguophile Skye Enyeart is currently the Executive Director of Artreach at Lillstreet, a non-profit arts outreach organization in Chicago, Illinois. Skye is a graduate of Columbia College of Chicago’s M.A. in Interdisciplinary Arts and has…Read more ›
  • Merle Exit

    Merle Exit

    Merle Exit is a graduate of Queens College in New York. Her interests lie in travel, dining, entertainment and especially music, having learned to play many instruments. With a background in show business as a comedian, singer, and actress, Merle…Read more ›
  • Jennifer I. Fenton

    Jennifer I. Fenton

    Jennifer Fenton lives with her family in Pacific Grove, California. She has a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and works with gang entrenched youth, addressing social and individual issues that lead to gang violence. Jennifer writes about politics with an…Read more ›
  • Lucy Fitzgerald

    Lucy Fitzgerald

    Lucy Fitzgerald is an Irishwoman who has lived in Spain, the United Kingdom, France, and Argentina. She is fluent in French, Spanish, and English and has an MSc in Gender and International Relations. Lucy is passionate about gender equality and…Read more ›
  • Cecelia Fuentes

    Cecelia Fuentes

    Cecelia Fuentes is a journalist based in Los Angeles. She became interested in international trade while working as a designer for an international clothing manufacturer. When the company decided to move their factories from Taiwan to the Chinese mainland, thereby…Read more ›
  • Leymah Gbowee

    Leymah Gbowee

    Leymah Gbowee (pronounced LAY–mah, BEAU-wee) led the Liberian Mass Action for Peace, bringing thousands of Christian and Muslim women together to nonviolently demand that dictator Charles Taylor go to the peace table after 14 years of civil war. The women’s…Read more ›
  • Olga Ghazaryan

    Olga Ghazaryan

    Olga Ghazaryan is the Regional Director for Oxfam in the Middle East and Commonwealth of Independent States. In this role, she manages Oxfam’s regional and country teams in Yemen, Occupied Palestine Territories, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Russia, Tajikistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan and…Read more ›
  • Laramie Glen

    Laramie Glen

    Laramie Glen received her BA in Journalism at Rutgers University in New Jersey, by way of Arizona and California. She has been previously published in Debonair Magazine, an online men’s magazine based out of New York City.
  • Nadia Gouy

    Nadia Gouy

    Nadia Gouy is a Moroccan Fulbright Scholar, currently interning at the United Nations Development Program in New York. Nadia came to the US to complete her Master’s in Public Administration in International Management at the Monterey Institute of International Studies…Read more ›
  • Elizabeth Stannard Gromisch

    Elizabeth Stannard Gromisch

    Elizabeth Stannard Gromisch is a recent graduate of Trinity College in Hartford, CT with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Neuroscience, where her thesis was on learning, memory and attention deficits in female college-age sexual assault survivors with post-traumatic stress…Read more ›
  • Leanne A. Grossman

    Leanne A. Grossman

    Leanne A. Grossman is a travel and non-fiction writer who has documented women’s concerns and perspectives in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. She is a founding trustee and advisor to Girl Child Network Worldwide, an innovative girls empowerment model…Read more ›
  • Melissa Hahn

    Melissa Hahn

    Melissa Hahn is a freelance writer and world traveler whose projects include foreign affairs analysis, children’s literature, and creative nonfiction. Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, she completed her B.A. in Russian Area Studies at St. Olaf College in Minnesota,…Read more ›
  • Suad Hamada

    Suad Hamada

    Suad Hamada has been a journalist in Bahrain since 1997. Her writing focuses on politics and women’s empowerment in both Bahrain and the larger Arab region. She has participated in national campaigns for the elimination of discrimination against Bahraini women,…Read more ›
  • Louise Hancock

    Louise Hancock

    Louise Hancock is Media officer for Oxfam based in Kabul, Afghanistan, where she works mainly on protection, humanitarian, aid effectiveness and peacebuilding issues. She holds an MSc in Human Rights from the London School of Economics and a BA in…Read more ›
  • Natalie Hart

    Natalie Hart

    Natalie Hart is working on her BA in Arabic and Spanish at the University of Cambridge. Currently on a year abroad, she is dividing her time between journalism in Chile and studying in the Middle East. In Chile, Natalie is…Read more ›
  • Miaad A. Hassan

    Miaad A. Hassan

    Miaad A. Hassan A native of Iraq, and recipient of a Fulbright Scholarship, Miaad earned her Master’s Degree at the Monterey Institute of International Policy Studies, California, USA, specializing in Conflict Resolution and International Negotiations. Maintaining special interest in the…Read more ›
  • Wenonah Hauter

    Wenonah Hauter

    Wenonah Hauter is the executive director of the consumer advocacy group Food & Water Watch. She has worked extensively on energy, food, water and environmental issues at the national, state and local level. Experienced in developing policy positions and legislative…Read more ›
  • Emily Rose Herzlin

    Emily Rose Herzlin

    Emily Herzlin is a writer living in New York City. She graduated from New York University with a degree in Dramatic Literature and Creative Writing and has been published in Sentient City Magazine and writes weekly for the One City…Read more ›
  • Katrina vanden Heuvel

    Katrina vanden Heuvel

    Katrina vanden Heuvel is Editor and Publisher of The Nation. She is the co-editor of Taking Back America–And Taking Down The Radical Right (NationBooks, 2004). She is also co-editor (with Stephen F. Cohen) of Voices of Glasnost: Interviews with Gorbachev’s…Read more ›
  • Faten Hijazi

    Faten Hijazi

    Faten Hijazi works as a project lead for a semiconductor company where she is responsible for the design and delivery of engineering solutions. She received her bachelor’s in computer engineering with a minor in mathematics from San Jose State University…Read more ›
  • Kate Hughes

    Kate Hughes

    Kate Hughes is a global campaigner working for Oxfam GB. Kate studied International Relations at both the University of Exeter, UK and EWAH Women’s University, South Korea; specialising in UNSCR 1325. Committed to campaigning on the issue of Women, Peace…Read more ›
  • Paula Humphrey

    Paula Humphrey

    Paula Humphrey graduated from UCLA in 2004 with a B.A. in Russian Studies, and in 2009 from the Monterey Institute of International Studies with a M.A. in International Policy and a Certificate in Nonproliferation. Her written work includes Issue Briefs…Read more ›
  • Sarah Hurd

    Sarah Hurd

    Sarah Hurd is a writer, singer, and fashion designer whose works strive to build community, bring a fresh perspective, and ask for more from this world. One of her biggest passions is diversity and equality, which guide her through San…Read more ›
  • Philo Ikonya

    Philo Ikonya

    Philo Ikonya is a Kenyan human rights activist, an ardent poet, writer and lecturer. She holds postgraduate degrees in the Arts and consults on gender, governance and media. In her series, Kenya Is Burning, Philo shares her thoughts and feelings…Read more ›
  • Elena Ilina

    Elena Ilina

    Elena Ilina holds a Masters degree in International Policy Studies and a Certificate in Nonproliferation from the Monterey Institute for International Studies. She was born and raised in Russia by her father, a military officer, and her mother, a teacher.…Read more ›
  • Sarah Irving

    Sarah Irving

    Sarah Irving is a freelance writer specializing in social and environmental issues and the Middle East. Her features have been published in the Guardian Online, the New Internationalist and Electronic Intifada, among others. She is a former section editor at…Read more ›
  • Pushpa Iyer

    Pushpa Iyer

    Pushpa Iyer is Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator of Conflict Resolution at the Graduate School for International Policy Studies at the Monterey Institute for International Studies. Before coming to the United States for her Ph.D. studies, she worked among the…Read more ›
  • Chumile Jamela

    Chumile Jamela

    Chumile Jamela is a 30-year-old Zimbabwean writer. What inspires her to write is a deep need to document women’s stories in Zimbabwe about how they have survived, are surviving the hardships, and how their lives can be bettered in an…Read more ›
  • S. Jean

    S. Jean

    Born in the United States, S. Jean was raised on a small family farm in North Dakota. She credits her student exchange experience in Russia as a pivotal point in her life, where she developed a love for travel, cultures,…Read more ›
  • Nalini Jones

    Nalini Jones

    Nalini Jones was born in Rhode Island, graduated from Amherst College, and received an M.F.A. from Columbia University. Her work has appeared in the Ontario Review and Creative Nonfiction (online), among other publications. She is a Stanford Calderwood Fellow of…Read more ›
  • Lisa C. Kaczmarczyk

    Lisa C. Kaczmarczyk

    Lisa C. Kaczmarczyk is interested in the interactions between computers, people, and sustainability. She holds Masters degrees in Information Systems from Northeastern University and Computer Science from the University of Oregon, an interdisciplinary Doctorate from the University of Texas at…Read more ›
  • Rosebell Kagumire

    Rosebell Kagumire

    Rosebell Kagumire graduated from Makerere University in 2005 with a degree in Mass Communications. She’s currently working on an internship with Isis-Women’s International Cross Cultural Exchange (Isis-WICCE), a Kampala based organization that documents women’s stories in conflict and post conflict…Read more ›
  • Nükhet Kardam

    Nükhet Kardam

    Nükhet Kardam originally from Turkey, is Professor of Development Practice and Policy at the Mddlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. She has two books titled “Turkey’s Engagement with Women’s Human Rights” (Asghate Publishers, 2005), and Bringing Women In: Women’s…Read more ›
  • Holly Kearl

    Holly Kearl

    Holly Kearl is based in the United States where she works for the American Association of University Women in Washington, DC. Her passion lies in ending gender-based street harassment and she is the founder of the website, founder of…Read more ›
  • Kirstin Kelley

    Kirstin Kelley

    Kirstin Kelley is a former graduate assistant at The WIP who completed her master’s degree in Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies at the Monterey Institute of International Studies.
  • Mridu Khullar

    Mridu Khullar

    Mridu Khullar is an independent journalist from New Delhi, India. For the past six years, she has written extensively about human rights and women’s issues in Asia and Africa. Her work has been published in Time, Elle, Marie Claire, Ms.,…Read more ›
  • Ashley Starr Kinseth

    Ashley Starr Kinseth

    Ashey Starr Kinseth is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in International Human Rights and Development Policy at the Monterey Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California. She recently completed her Bachelor of Arts at New York University’s Gallatin School…Read more ›
  • Anna Kirey

    Anna Kirey

    Anna Kirey was born in Russia and lived in the former Soviet Union most of her life. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from American University – Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan) and Master’s in Gender and Peace Building from the…Read more ›
  • Halimah Abdallah Kisule

    Halimah Abdallah Kisule

    Halimah Abdallah Kisule is a journalist in northern Uganda who, for the last seven years, has covered human rights, health, diplomacy, politics and education for numerous news outlets. She holds a diploma in Journalism and Media Studies and will soon…Read more ›
  • Stephanie Koehler

    Stephanie Koehler

    Stephanie Koehler is an artist, professional photographer and the founder of Heart-Filled Productions. Her work focuses on capturing the heart, soul and spirit of her subjects. Born and raised in Germany, she earned her Master’s Degree in Linguistics from Bergische…Read more ›
  • Vera von Kreutzbruck

    Vera von Kreutzbruck

    Vera von Kreutzbruck was born in Argentina. She started her career in journalism at the English language newspaper, Buenos Aires Herald. After a fellowship in Germany, she decided to settle in Berlin. She currently works as a freelance journalist contributing…Read more ›
  • Deepa Krishnan

    Deepa Krishnan

    Deepa Krishnan is a financial reporter from Mumbai, India. In the last five years, as a journalist, she has specialized in covering India’s nascent commodity futures markets and commodity trading. She began as a reporter at Business Standard, an english-language…Read more ›
  • Rosie Kuhn

    Rosie Kuhn

    Rosie Kuhn, Ph.D. lives in the United States and has worked in the field of human development for over 27 years. She is a personal and professional coach and the author of the book Self-Empowerment 101, a culmination of her…Read more ›
  • Katharine Daniels Kurz

    Katharine Daniels Kurz

    Kate Daniels Kurz is the founder and Director of The WIP. Her vision is of a world where women and men value and embrace the feminine perspective for global problem solving. Katharine believes that it is through women that solutions to…Read more ›
  • Grace Kwinjeh

    Grace Kwinjeh

    Zimbabwean Grace Kwinjeh is a feminist, journalist by profession, and a political activist. She currently lives in Belgium with her family where she studies Theological Leadership and French and writes about women’s rights and human rights. She recently co-authored a…Read more ›
  • Genie Z. Laborde

    Genie Z. Laborde

    Author of Influencing with Integrity, Genie Z. Laborde is the founder of I.D.E.A. Inc. whose seminars have been taught to over 50,000 employees of corporations around the world. IBM, Chase Bank, Dell, Intel, HP, Wells Fargo and Dow Jones are…Read more ›
  • Neeta Lal

    Neeta Lal

    Freelance journalist Neeta Lal writes on politics, lifestyle trends, environment and gender issues for news syndicates, internet publications and newspapers like The Guardian, Inter Press Service (IPS), World Political Review (WPR) and Asia Times. A post-graduate in English Literature and…Read more ›
  • Brittany Lane

    Brittany Lane

    Brittany Lane is a graduate with distinction candidate for a M.A. in International Policy and Development at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. She earned her B.A. in International Relations and Economics from the College of William and…Read more ›
  • Diane Latiker

    Diane Latiker

    Diane Latiker is a mother of eight, a grandmother of 13, and a resident of the Roseland community on the Far South Side of Chicago, IL. She is also the founder and president of Kids Off The Block, a non-profit…Read more ›
  • Susan Lavine

    Susan Lavine

    Susan Lavine is a native Washingtonian. She received her BA in Art History from Smith College and also studied at Yale University’s Mellon Centre U.K. Now involved in historic preservation in the capital, she is restoring a house in Georgetown…Read more ›
  • Tammy Law

    Tammy Law

    Tammy Law is an Australian based photographer whose photo documentaries have focused on post-earthquake China, aging day-laborer homes in Japan, gender equality in Ethiopia and Inner Mongolia’s domestic living situations. She graduated with a degree in Photojournalism at the end…Read more ›
  • Michelle Leung

    Michelle Leung

    After graduating from the University of Puget Sound with a BA in International Political Economy, Michelle Leung spent a year in Brazil working with a community development organization, and launching a participatory photography project with EPHAS (Every Person Has a…Read more ›
  • Meghan Lewis

    Meghan Lewis

    Meghan Lewis works for a youth project supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and unsure young people. She has been a key actor in the formation of Cambodia’s first LGBT group, Rainbow Community Kampuchea (RoCK), a group of local and international…Read more ›
  • Maria H. Lewytzkyj

    Maria H. Lewytzkyj

    Maria H. Lewytzkyj, a Ukrainian-American born in the US, is a Master’s student in International Policy Studies at MIIS, specializing in international mediation and negotiations. She earned her Bachelor’s degree at San Francisco State University in English Literature. She has…Read more ›
  • Aurelia Lorca

    Aurelia Lorca

    A high school English teacher, Aurelia Lorca believes Grendel did not kill the Danes just because he was “evil,” and has been staunchly against the war in Iraq, as well as the use of force in Afghanistan since its inception.
  • Olivia Loyd

    Olivia Loyd

    Olivia Loyd is the pen name of an American journalist currently based in New York. Prior to returning to New York, Olivia held postings in Europe and Asia, where she primarily covered environmental and immigration issues. She holds a Master’s…Read more ›
  • Lelety Mabasa

    Lelety Mabasa

    Lelety Mabasa is the pen name of a Zimbabwean journalist based in Bulawayo. She has worked for both public and private owned newspapers in the country and holds a BSC Hons in Media and Society Studies from Zimbabwe’s Midlands State…Read more ›
  • Nora Maccoby

    Nora Maccoby

    Nora Maccoby was born in Mexico City and grew up in Washington D.C. where she graduated from The Sidwell Friends School. She received a BA in Theater from Oberlin College and an MFA in Film Directing from The American Film…Read more ›
  • Susan Enuogbope Majekodunmi

    Susan Enuogbope Majekodunmi

    Susan Enuogbope Majekodunmi is a freelance journalist and writer. She is a contributor to The WIP and She also has an online blog, Sociable Susan Magazine. Originally from Nigeria, Susan has worked in various fields and is currently exploring…Read more ›
  • Aralena Malone-Leroy

    Aralena Malone-Leroy

    Aralena Malone-Leroy earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in French and International Studies from Santa Clara University, and a Masters Degree in Mass Communications and Journalism from San Jose State University. Her interest in foreign politics and cultures brought her…Read more ›
  • Constance Manika

    Constance Manika

    Constance Manika is a journalist who works for the independent press in Zimbabwe. She writes under this pseudonym to escape prosecution from a government whose onslaught and level of intolerance to journalists in the independent press is well documented.
  • Lerato Manyozo

    Lerato Manyozo

    Lerato Manyozo lives and works in Malawi. Her work has been published in local publications such as the Daily Times and Nation newspapers. She has also written for the South African based Gender Links Opinion and Commentary. Her work focuses…Read more ›
  • Hayward Hawks Marcus

    Hayward Hawks Marcus

    Native Californian and Monterey Bay resident, Hayward Hawks Marcus, has written for several west coast magazines, the online literary salon, Fresh Yarn, as well as plays, screenplays and a budding first novel.
  • Tetyana Margolina

    Tetyana Margolina

    Tetyana Margolina is originally from Ukraine. She was educated in Russia and Ukraine where she earned a Ph.D. in geophysics, physics of the ocean. Now Tetyana lives in Salinas and works in Monterey, California, as a research associate. Her research…Read more ›
  • Jean Kim Mars

    Jean Kim Mars

    Jean Kim Mars is a Brooklyn based freelance photographer, producer and writer. She was born in Seoul, Korea and lived in Singapore prior to moving to the United States. She graduated from Boston University’s College of Communication with a B.S.…Read more ›
  • Courtney Martin

    Courtney Martin

    Courtney E. Martin is a widely-read freelance journalist and blogger. Her work has appeared in Newsweek, the Christian Science Monitor, metro—the largest circulation paper in the world, Alternet, The Huffington Post, The Village Voice, BUST and Bitch Magazine, among others.…Read more ›
  • Mary Grimley Mason

    Mary Grimley Mason

    Mary Grimley Mason has been writing about disability issues since her retirement from Emmanuel College in Boston where she taught English and American literature and Women’s Studies. She received her doctorate from Harvard University and is presently a Resident Scholar…Read more ›
  • Bhakti Bapat Mathew

    Bhakti Bapat Mathew

    Bhakti Bapat Mathew is a freelance journalist based in Bangalore, India. Bhakti holds a post-graduate degree in management studies from the University of Mumbai. She currently writes for international publications such as Women’s e-News (USA), The National (UAE) and Hortibiz…Read more ›
  • Tara McCabe

    Tara McCabe

    After surviving domestic violence, Tara McCabe worked as a victim advocate for several years before going to law school and receiving her degree from the Seattle University School of Law in 2004. She then went on to campaign for domestic…Read more ›
  • Liz McGinn

    Liz McGinn

    Liz McGinn was born in London, England. She moved with her family to live in Northern Ireland in 1999, just after the peace process had come into force. She holds an Honours degree in Humanities with English Language and Classical…Read more ›
  • Sarah McGowan

    Sarah McGowan

    An avid traveler, photographer and writer, Sarah McGowan’s work reveals a desire to empower the human voice, recognize the complexities of the human spirit and her dreams for a healthier global existence. Her background in social and juvenile justice allowed…Read more ›
  • Wojoud Mejalli

    Wojoud Mejalli

    Wojoud Mejalli is a Yemeni dentist, activist, and freelance journalist. She is one of the founders of Female Reporters without Borders, whose president, Tawakkol Karman, won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011. Mejalli is the first female vice president of…Read more ›
  • Rachel Meyer

    Rachel Meyer

    Rachel Meyer is a writer and licensed social worker who works within the California Juvenile Justice System. Rachel has been involved with the peace movement and has worked on various social justice issues throughout her career. She writes with this…Read more ›
  • Sandra Miniutti

    Sandra Miniutti

    Sandra Miniutti has been a program analyst for Charity Navigator since 2002 and is now responsible for all aspects of Charity Navigator’s brand, partnerships, media relations, communications, outreach and data sales. Sandra received her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Marine…Read more ›
  • Maureen Nandini Mitra

    Maureen Nandini Mitra

    Maureen Nandini Mitra is an independent journalist of Indian origin who divides her time between Berkeley, CA, and Calcutta, India. She generally writes about human rights, environment and sustainable development issues but is equally at home writing about food and…Read more ›
  • Chelsea Mooser

    Chelsea Mooser

    Dr. Chelsea Mooser, Ph.D. is scientist and a writer living in Los Angeles. She received her doctorate from the department of Biological Chemistry at UCLA in 2009 for her work on breast cancer. Prior to coming to Los Angeles she…Read more ›
  • Patricia T. Morris

    Patricia T. Morris

    Patricia T. Morris, Ph.D. is the Executive Director of Peace X Peace and an internationally known leader in women’s rights and development. She has also designed and directed programs for women survivors of conflict and war in the Middle East,…Read more ›
  • Jessica Mosby

    Jessica Mosby

    Jessica Mosby is a writer and critic living in Oakland, California. In the rare moments when she’s not traveling across the United States for work, Jessica enjoys listening to public radio, buying organic food at local farmers markets, trolling junk…Read more ›
  • Jenna Mulhall-Brereton

    Jenna Mulhall-Brereton

    Jenna Mulhall-Brereton is a writer, photographer, language teacher and avid traveler. She earned her BA in French and Spanish from Bryn Mawr College and her MA in International Peace and Conflict Resolution from Arcadia University. Throughout her Masters program, Jenna…Read more ›
  • Glory Mushinge

    Glory Mushinge

    Glory Mushinge is a Zambian freelance journalist with an MA in International Journalism and Post Graduate qualification in International Human Rights Law, both from Cardiff University in the UK. Awards include: ‘Best Female Reporter on ICT for Development Issues,’ awarded…Read more ›
  • Zubeida Mustafa

    Zubeida Mustafa

    Zubeida Mustafa is a senior journalist and former assistant editor at Dawn, Pakistan’s most widely circulated English language daily newspaper. She writes a weekly column for the paper focusing on social issues, including education, health, and women.
  • Rachel Muthoni

    Rachel Muthoni

    Rachel Muthoni is a Kenyan journalist. She holds an International Diploma in Journalism and Media Studies and is currently pursuing a Degree in Communications. She has worked in international and local media for the last seven years both in print…Read more ›
  • Esther Nakkazi

    Esther Nakkazi

    Esther Nakkazi is a science journalist currently reporting for the regional, weekly newspaper The EastAfrican, published in Nairobi, Kenya and distributed in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. She is also a volunteer editor for oneworld and contributes to Islamonline in…Read more ›
  • Molly Nance

    Molly Nance

    Molly Nance is a freelance writer and journalist, based in California’s Central Coast. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree in TV and Radio Broadcasting from San Francisco State University, Molly honed her skills in video production and on-camera reporting. In the…Read more ›
  • D-L Nelson

    D-L Nelson

    <D-L Nelson is a Swiss-American living in Europe. She is the author of two novels, Chickpea Lover: Not a Cookbook and The Card. She is also editor and publisher of an electronic news service for Canadian credit unions.
  • Binalakshmi Nepram-Mentschel

    Binalakshmi Nepram-Mentschel

    Binalakshmi Nepram-Mentschel was born in the state of Manipur in India’s Northeast region state, bordering Myanmar. She is a writer-activist who is spearheading work on making disarmament a movement and meaningful issue. In 2004, Bina co-founded India’s first civil society…Read more ›
  • Nancy Van Ness

    Nancy Van Ness

    Nancy Van Ness is the founder and director of the American Creative Dance group in New York City. A life-long modern dancer in her 60s, Nancy has studied with one of the greatest maestros of tango in Buenos Aires and…Read more ›
  • Kulsoom Nizamuddin

    Kulsoom Nizamuddin

    Kulsoom Nizamuddin is a journalist in Indian-administered Kashmir, where she has written for the leading national Hindi daily Dainik Bhaskar and the local English daily The Greater Kashmir. Kulsoom received her Masters in Mass Communication and Journalism at the University…Read more ›
  • Sharon Njobo

    Sharon Njobo

    Sharon Njobo works with the Christian Children’s Fund of Canada. She is also a seasoned international journalist and scholar. She has been a volunteer executive board member of Women’s Health in Women’s Hands, which provides community, mental and clinical health…Read more ›
  • Sandra Nyaira

    Sandra Nyaira

    Sandra Nyaira is a Zimbabwean journalist currently based in the United Kingdom. A former Political Editor with the banned Daily News in Zimbabwe, in 2002 Sandra was one of the three winners of the International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) Courage…Read more ›
  • Moraa Obiria

    Moraa Obiria

    Moraa Obiria is a writer based in Kenya. She is currently a Masters student in Gender and Development Studies at Kenyatta University, Kenya. She has published in local and international newspapers as well as magazines. She has an interest in…Read more ›
  • Cathy Oerter

    Cathy Oerter

    Cathy Oerter won numerous national titles in track and field, made several USA international teams and started the women’s track program at her Alma matter, Iowa State University in 1970. After graduating with a B.A. in art education and graphic…Read more ›
  • Rosemary Okello

    Rosemary Okello

    Rosemary Okello-Orlale is the Executive Director of African Woman and Child Feature Service (AWC) in Kenya, a media NGO focused on communication development in Africa. She is also a trustee of the Media Council of Kenya, Secretary to the Kenya…Read more ›
  • Rocio Ortega

    Rocio Ortega

    Rocio Ortega is a Mexican journalist with over 18 years of experience currently working as a columnist for the Texas-based Fort Worth Star Telegram Spanish edition, La Estrella. She was also a Texas-based correspondent for the Mexican newspapers, El Norte…Read more ›
  • Wazhmah Osman

    Wazhmah Osman

    Wazhmah Osman is a Social Science Research Council Fellow, currently completing her dissertation fieldwork in Afghanistan. She is a PhD candidate at New York University’s Media, Culture, and Communication program. Wazhmah earned a Masters degree in Near Eastern Studies from…Read more ›
  • Caroline Achieng Otieno

    Caroline Achieng Otieno

    Caroline Achieng Otieno is a citizen of Kenya currently residing in the Netherlands. Her work experience has involved work as a Flight Operations Officer in the East and Central African region; (communicating with pilots on radio) and as well work…Read more ›
  • Paromita Pain

    Paromita Pain

    Paromita Pain has been a senior reporter and writer for The Hindu National Newspaper, India, and has worked with several other media projects specializing in health, development and social journalism as well as writing for young people. A recent graduate…Read more ›
  • Katie Palmer

    Katie Palmer

    Katie Palmer was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. She completed both her undergraduate and graduate degree in Geography from the University of Toronto. Katie has traveled to Southeast Asia multiple times to research the effects of and responses to…Read more ›
  • Shailja Patel

    Shailja Patel

    Kenyan poet, playwright and theatre artist, Shailja Patel, is a member of Kenyans for Peace With Truth and Justice, a coalition of over 40 Kenyan legal, human rights, and governance organizations, with Kenyan citizens, working for a just solution to…Read more ›
  • Leslie Patrick

    Leslie Patrick

    Leslie Patrick is a San Francisco based freelance journalist specializing in travel, culture and women’s issues. Her work has appeared in Monocle, Hemispheres and GT Weekly Newspaper, among others. While living in South Korea, Leslie became deeply interested in the…Read more ›
  • Roshi Pejhan

    Roshi Pejhan

    Roshi Pejhan received her MA from the Monterey Institute of International Studies, specializing in International Trade Policy. She was the Chief Editor at the school’s online student publication, The Foghorn. In addition to her experience in journalism, her professional background…Read more ›
  • Viktorija Plavcak

    Viktorija Plavcak

    Viktorija Plavcak is a freelance writer from Slovenia. An educator and professional translator, Viktorija has spent many summers abroad with her students as they attend language courses and works with various companies from organizers of trade fairs to ministries and…Read more ›
  • Nomi Prins

    Nomi Prins

    Nomi Prins is a renowned journalist, author and speaker. Her latest book, All the Presidents’ Bankers, is a groundbreaking narrative about the relationships of presidents to key bankers over the past century and how they impacted domestic and foreign policy. Her last book was…Read more ›
  • Eloisa Morra Pucacco

    Eloisa Morra Pucacco

    Eloisa Morra Pucacco was born in Italy. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Art History at Pisa University and Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa where she’s currently pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Italian Literature. Eloisa writes about…Read more ›
  • Ghazal Rahmanpanah

    Ghazal Rahmanpanah

    Ghazal Rahmanpanah is an Iranian-American born in Tehran and raised in Maryland and Washington, DC who recently received her MA in International Policy Studies and MBA in International Economics at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies (formerly the Monterey Institute…Read more ›
  • Charukesi Ramadurai

    Charukesi Ramadurai

    Charukesi Ramadurai is a freelance writer from Bangalore, India. She has a degree in Social Research Methods and Economics. She writes for the New York Times, Economist, South China Morning Post, Asian Wall Street Journal, National Geographic Traveller and The…Read more ›
  • Mahi Ramakrishnan

    Mahi Ramakrishnan

    Mahi Ramakrishnan is a journalist who has worked in both print and television journalism for TIME, Al Jazeera International and PRESS TV, Iran among others. While she has long given up on the idea that she can single-handedly change the…Read more ›
  • Tess Raposas

    Tess Raposas

    For the past 15 years, Tess Raposas has been a freelance journalist and media and development consultant, having worked on various writing and research projects on gender and environmental concerns. She believes that every journalist must grow from being an…Read more ›
  • Afsana Rashid

    Afsana Rashid

    Afsaana Rashid is a journalist living in Indian-administered Kashmir and the author of Waiting for Justice: Widows and Half Widows, a book that addresses the plight of many women whose husbands have been subjected to enforced disappearance or custodial killings…Read more ›
  • Sumukha S. Ravishankar

    Sumukha S. Ravishankar

    Sumukha Ravishankar is a multi-tasking wife and mother originally from India, now living in suburban New Jersey. Thoroughly involved in her children’s educational needs, she is also interested in writing, reading, social work and the arts. She is an avid…Read more ›
  • Marin


    Marin is a native of Long Island, New York and now resides in Brookline, MA. She has formal training in early childhood education, Chiropractic medicine, and has received a Masters Degree in Psychospiritual Studies as well as in Social Work.…Read more ›
  • Lubna Reshi

    Lubna Reshi

    Lubna Reshi is a researcher and a journalist who believes her pen is a weapon to fight against oppression. Being from a conflict zone, she believes it is her responsibility to be a voice of the Kashmiri people so that they…Read more ›
  • Donna Reames Rich

    Donna Reames Rich

    Donna Reames Rich was a registered nurse for over 20 years before becoming a stay-at-home mom and writer. She was a staff writer for the LaGrange Daily News and a freelance columnist for the Harris County Journal. She has also…Read more ›
  • Moyara deMoraes Ruehsen

    Moyara deMoraes Ruehsen

    Moyara deMoraes Ruehsen is a Brazilian-American economist, and Associate Professor in the Graduate School of International Policy and Management at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. She has three graduate degrees (two Masters degrees and a PhD) from Johns Hopkins…Read more ›
  • Karine Ancellin Saleck

    Karine Ancellin Saleck

    Karine Ancellin Saleck has worked as a journalist in Brussels for six years. She was formerly a journalist in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania where she co-founded a newspaper with her husband that was censured and then banned by the…Read more ›
  • Priti Salian

    Priti Salian

    Priti Salian is a freelance features writer and journalist settled in Bangalore, India. She took to teaching immediately after receiving her master’s in Chemistry, but soon discovered a special connection with words. Though she still does the occasional stint as an…Read more ›
  • Madison Salvati

    Madison Salvati

    Madison Salvati is a senior at Carmel High School. She has a well-known affinity for journalism and writing and has written for her school newspaper, The Sandpiper. In her spare time she enjoys photography, in hopes of one day working…Read more ›
  • Aline Sara

    Aline Sara

    Aline Sara is a Lebanese-American journalist based in Beirut, Lebanon. She has contributed to the Dubai-based TRENDS magazine, IRIN, as well as French publications Arabies Magazine and Le Courrier International. Born and raised in New York, Aline attended the French…Read more ›
  • Beena Sarwar

    Beena Sarwar

    Beena Sarwar is a journalist, writer, documentary filmmaker and artist based in Karachi, Pakistan. She started out as assistant editor for The Star Weekend, joined The Frontier Post as Features Editor, was Editor of weekly The News on Sunday, a…Read more ›
  • Handan T. Satiroglu

    Handan T. Satiroglu

    Handan Tülay Satiroglu is a Turkish-American independent journalist who divides her time between the U.S. and Europe. She has an MA in Sociology from New Mexico State University, and a B.A. from Colorado State University. In addition to her writing…Read more ›
  • Amy B. Scher

    Amy B. Scher

    Amy B. Scher is the author of This is How I Save My Life – A True Story of Embryonic Stem Cells, Indian Adventures, and Ultimate Self-Healing. With a history of chronic illness, Amy set out to discover the foundation…Read more ›
  • Priti Sehgal

    Priti Sehgal

    Priti Sehgal is a journalist presently based in New Delhi, India. After an exciting stint as a freelance writer for reputed Indian dailies and magazines, Priti’s passion for writing led her to a full-time career in journalism. She joined the…Read more ›
  • Pilirani Semu-Banda

    Pilirani Semu-Banda

    Pilirani Semu-Banda is a freelance journalist based in Malawi. As a freelancer, Pilirani has won both local and international awards, including the Africa Education Journalism Award. She has also been voted Malawi’s best female journalist twice.
  • Jenny Shapiro

    Jenny Shapiro

    Jenny Shapiro is the Project Design Coordinator at International Planned Parenthood Federation/Western Hemisphere Region (IPPF/WHR). In this capacity, she helps to conceptualize and secure funding for sexual reproductive health projects in the Caribbean and Latin America. Prior to her position…Read more ›
  • Parul Sharma

    Parul Sharma

    Parul Sharma is a human rights lawyer and activist based in Stockholm, Sweden. She has written several articles on the rights of children and women and victims of crime. Parul is also the author of the book Right to Life;…Read more ›
  • Brittany Shoot

    Brittany Shoot

    Brittany Shoot is an American writer living in Copenhagen, Denmark. A longtime member of the Feminist Review blog editorial collective, her writing has also appeared in a variety of print and online publications including Bitch, make/shift, WireTap Magazine, and Religion…Read more ›
  • Jessica Simon

    Jessica Simon

    Jessica Simon studies Arabic and democracy development in the Middle East at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. She will graduate in May 2010 and hopes to eventually work for the State Department’s Bureau of Cultural and Educational Affairs in…Read more ›
  • Shreyasi Singh

    Shreyasi Singh

    Shreyasi Singh is an independent journalist based in New Delhi, India. After graduating in journalism from the Indian Institute of Mass Communications, Delhi, Shreyasi worked as a correspondent and input editor in mainstream Indian news networks for six years. After…Read more ›
  • Caitlin Sislin

    Caitlin Sislin

    Caitlin Sislin is an American environmental advocate based in Berkeley, California and the Advocacy Director with Women’s Earth Alliance, where she developed and facilitates the Sacred Earth Advocacy Network, a legal and policy advocacy network supporting indigenous women environmental justice…Read more ›
  • Emma Sleeth

    Emma Sleeth

    Emma Sleeth, 18, is a junior at Asbury College and author of It’s Easy Being Green. This semester, Emma has been serving at the Dean Foundation in Chennai, India, providing hospice and palliative care for the poor.
  • Nancy Sleeth

    Nancy Sleeth

    As co-founder and Managing Director of Blessed Earth, Nancy Sleeth travels throughout the U.S. speaking and writing about faith and the environment. Prior to heeding this spiritual and environmental calling, Sleeth served as communications director for a Fortune 500 company…Read more ›
  • Ellen Snortland

    Ellen Snortland

    Ellen Snortland’s work as an author, self-defense advocate and instructor has been featured on Dateline NBC with her book, “Beauty Bites Beast.” A regular columnist for the Pasadena Weekly and frequent contributor to Ms. Magazine, she is a tireless advocate…Read more ›
  • Jasmin So-Armada

    Jasmin So-Armada

    Jasmin So-Armada is a Filipino-Canadian freelance writer with over 17 years of writing experience. She currently writes feature stories for home building magazines in Calgary and creates content for websites in Calgary and the United States. Some of her works…Read more ›
  • Eva Sohlman

    Eva Sohlman

    Eva Sohlman is a Swedish journalist and writer with credentials in print, radio and TV. She was formerly the editor of The World in Focus (“Världen i Fokus”), a Swedish TV program which she produced that reports world news and…Read more ›
  • Diane Solomon

    Diane Solomon

    Diane Solomon is a life-long resident of San Jose, California. She produces and hosts a weekly public affairs program on Radio KKUP and writes regularly for Metro, Silicon Valley’s weekly newspaper. Her work has also appeared in The Progressive Magazine…Read more ›
  • Nola Solomon

    Nola Solomon

    Nola Solomon is a dual French/American citizen and grew up in Washington, D.C. She graduated with a BA in English and French from Vassar College. She works at a literary agency in New York City and writes fiction. Previously she…Read more ›
  • Carrie R. Sparrevohn

    Carrie R. Sparrevohn

    Carrie Sparrevohn has worked in the United States, providing health care to women, for nearly 30 years. She has a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from the University of California, Riverside and received her education as a midwife in the traditional…Read more ›
  • Alice Speri

    Alice Speri

    Alice Speri is a reporter and writer based in New York City. Alice recently moved to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She is working as a correspondent for The Haitian Times and stringing for AFP. Alice grew up in Italy and lived in…Read more ›
  • Shobha Sriram

    Shobha Sriram

    Shobha Sriram is a freelance writer and editor based in Chennai, India. Shobha holds a post-graduate degree in management studies and has worked as an equity research analyst. Her articles have appeared in both print and online. Shobha also sings…Read more ›
  • Christine Stark

    Christine Stark

    Christine Stark is a speaker, organizer, trainer, and an award-winning writer and visual artist of Anishinaabe/Cherokee ancestry. Her essays, poems, and creative non-fiction have appeared in numerous publications. Her first novel, Nickels: A Tale of Dissociation, was a Lambda Literary…Read more ›
  • Cassandra S. Stedham

    Cassandra S. Stedham

    Cassandra S. Stedham earned her BA in English Language and Literature at the University of Washington in Seattle and is currently working on her MA in International Policy Studies at Monterey Institute of International Studies. She has a passion for…Read more ›
  • Danielle Steer

    Danielle Steer

    Hailing from Anchorage, Alaska, Danielle Steer recently graduated from the Monterey Institute of International Studies with a Master of Public Administration. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. After graduating…Read more ›
  • Victoria Stirling

    Victoria Stirling

    Victoria Stirling is a retired nurse, published freelance writer and the author of the books, From the Other Side of the Bed and Nurse! Oh, Nurse!, published by Borealis Press and released in 2011. She is also a lay-preacher for…Read more ›
  • Yu Sun

    Yu Sun

    Yu Sun is the Chief Writer for China’s Environmental Protection magazine. Previously, Yu worked as reporter and editor for more than 12 years for China Environment News. Yu was awarded the United Nations Correspondents Association bronze prize for her coverage…Read more ›
  • Foteini Svarna

    Foteini Svarna

    Foteini Svarna is a full-time freelance writer who lives in Greece. Her articles have appeared in magazines worldwide.
  • Megan Tady

    Megan Tady

    Megan Tady is a blogger and campaign coordinator for the national, non-profit media reform organization Free Press ( Megan has traveled across the country interviewing people who struggle to live and work without high-speed Internet access.
  • Swati Sanyal Tarafdar

    Swati Sanyal Tarafdar

    Swati Sanyal Tarafdar is a freelance writer, instructional designer, and content developer born and brought up in Calcutta, India. She writes educative material and content for clients all over the globe and her feature articles have appeared on several reputed…Read more ›
  • Linda Tarr-Whelan

    Linda Tarr-Whelan

    The Honorable Linda Tarr-Whelan is a Demos Distinguished Senior Fellow who has had a varied career in the public, non-profit and governmental sectors. She served as Ambassador to the UN Commission on the Status of Women in the Clinton Administration…Read more ›
  • Judy Tatelbaum

    Judy Tatelbaum

    Psychotherapist and inspiring speaker, Judy Tatelbaum encourages people to face life’s inevitable crises – courageously. She is the author of The Courage to Grieve and You Don’t Have to Suffer.
  • Sara Terry

    Sara Terry

    A former staff correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor and magazine freelance writer, Sara Terry made a mid-career transition into photojournalism and documentary photography in the late 1990s. Her long-term project about the aftermath of war in Bosnia – Aftermath:…Read more ›
  • Juliette Terzieff

    Juliette Terzieff

    Juliette Terzieff is a freelance journalist, currently based in Clearwater, FL, who has worked for the San Francisco Chronicle, Newsweek, CNN International, Women’s eNews and the London Sunday Times during time spent in the Balkans, the Middle East and South…Read more ›
  • Fernande van Tets

    Fernande van Tets

    Fernande van Tets is a Dutch freelance journalist based in Beirut, Lebanon. She is currently a correspondent for de Groene Amsterdammer (NL) as well as writing for various local and international (online) publications. She writes mostly about political changes in…Read more ›
  • Dr. Rita Thapa

    Dr. Rita Thapa

    Dr. Rita Thapa is a public health physician from Nepal who began her career in the 1960s as a medical officer in the Maternity Hospital at Kathmandu. Having observed too many preventable deaths and disabilities from lack of access to…Read more ›
  • Katie Thompson

    Katie Thompson

    Katie Thompson is completing her Master’s at the Monterey Institute of International Studies in International Policy with a specialization in Terrorism. Her research has focused on counter-terrorism finance and anti-money laundering policies. Katie interned at the Department of Treasury’s Financial…Read more ›
  • Michelle Tolson

    Michelle Tolson

    Michelle Tolson is currently traveling and living in Asia after residing in New York City for four years. She has an MSc in Social Psychology from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Her program’s focus was community development,…Read more ›
  • Daisy Tormé

    Daisy Tormé

    Daisy Tormé is the multifaceted performer daughter of jazz legend Mel Tormé and British actress Janette Scott. She has worked in film, television, stage, radio, PBS hosting, voice over and animation. When she’s not performing, Daisy volunteers with The Wellness…Read more ›
  • María Suárez Toro

    María Suárez Toro

    María Suárez Toro is a journalist, feminist and human rights activist in local, and international arenas through her work as co-director of FIRE (Feminist International Radio Endeavor), a position she has held since 1991. She has covered most UN conferences…Read more ›
  • Patricia Vásquez

    Patricia Vásquez

    Patricia Meehan Vásquez was born and raised in Washington, DC, watching diplomats and bankers from around the world try to influence policy. From living there, Pat learned early that there were many diverse cultures to enjoy. Pat spent over 25…Read more ›
  • Kelly Vásquez

    Kelly Vásquez

    Kelly Vásquez grew up in Saudi Arabia, New York City and London, and after working for a large corporate law firm in New York, has happily settled on the West Coast. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in government…Read more ›
  • Lara Vogel

    Lara Vogel

    After graduating from Stanford University with a B.A. in Human Biology and International Public Health, Lara Vogel took the logical next step: a writing career. Most recently, she has been traveling to over twenty countries as a travel writer, and…Read more ›
  • Shenali Waduge

    Shenali Waduge

    Shenali Waduge is a working mother of two from Sri Lanka. She received her Bachelors and Masters degrees from the University of Delhi in India. She has lived abroad in both the UK and India and derives great joy from…Read more ›
  • Ellie Walton

    Ellie Walton

    Ellie Walton began her work in media when she was eight years old at her local community radio station in Washington DC where she protested the destruction of the rainforest. While completing a degree in Social Anthropology at the University…Read more ›
  • Joyce J. Wangui

    Joyce J. Wangui

    Joyce J. Wangui is a freelance journalist based in Nairobi, Kenya and writes for various online media agencies. She earned a Diploma in Mass Communication in 2002, and started her media career in Rwanda in early 2003 where she worked…Read more ›
  • Janelle Weiner

    Janelle Weiner

    Janelle Weiner is a writer and mother of three. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a Bachelor’s degree in English and holds a Master’s in Special Education from Boston University. Janelle has taught in city schools in Oakland, Boston, and…Read more ›
  • Abigail Wendle

    Abigail Wendle

    Abigail Wendle is a freelance writer living in New York City. She has written for the culture and arts sections of and, been a contributing radio reporter for the Community News Production Institute, and an intern for the…Read more ›
  • Claire A. Williams

    Claire A. Williams

    Originally from Berkeley, Claire Adams Williams holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Stanford University. She works as a nonprofit anthropology consultant, and is the co-founder of Hope Runs, a non-profit that brings physical fitness and social entrepreneurism into the lives…Read more ›
  • Jemma Williams

    Jemma Williams

    Jemma Williams grew up in a small town on Australia’s North Coast, and has since traveled, lived and worked around the world. She writes about social justice issues and is motivated by the personal stories of marginalised people around the…Read more ›
  • Emily Wilson

    Emily Wilson

    Emily Wilson is a native Californian, living in San Francisco. She studied journalism at Columbia Univeristy, and has written for a variety of radio, print and online outlets, including Latino USA, KQED, NPR, KCBS, KALW, Agence France-Presse, The Los Angeles…Read more ›
  • Sarah Wyatt

    Sarah Wyatt

    Sarah Wyatt is a freelance travel and outdoors writer. A native of Iowa and a Native American, she holds a degree in Journalism and English. Wyatt has been a freelance writer for 11 years, with work appearing in Texas Monthly,…Read more ›
  • Nicola Yeeles

    Nicola Yeeles

    Nicola Yeeles is based in the UK. As well as The WIP, Nicola’s work has appeared in the international publications Baltic Times, Research Information and the International House Journal, as well as local and national newspapers in the UK. She…Read more ›
  • Shazia Yousuf

    Shazia Yousuf

    Shazia Yousuf was born in downtown Srinagar, the summer capital of Indian administered Kashmir. When she was three, armed war broke out in the valley against Indian occupation. Her childhood only reminds her of empty classrooms, bolted doors, friendlessness, and…Read more ›
  • Huma Yusuf

    Huma Yusuf

    Huma Yusuf is a Karachi-based reporter and columnist for the Pakistani daily, Dawn. She is currently the Pakistan Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington D.C. She has previously garnered the All Pakistan Newspaper Society award for Best Column…Read more ›
  • Cheery Zahau

    Cheery Zahau

    Cheery Zahau is a Chin activist working to restore democracy and human rights in her country. She left Burma when she was 17 and settled in India, where she works extensively on women’s capacity building within her local Chin communities.…Read more ›
  • Fehmida Zakeer

    Fehmida Zakeer

    Fehmida Zakeer is a freelance writer based in Chennai, India. Her articles have been published in various online and print publications including Herbs for Health (US), Azizah Magazine (US), the Indian editions of Good Housekeeping, Prevention, Better Homes and Garden,…Read more ›
  • Lijia Zhang

    Lijia Zhang

    Lijia Zhang was born and raised in Nanjing, participated in the Tiananmen Square protest and ended up an international journalist. Her articles have appeared in South China Morning Post, Japan Times, the Independent (London), Washington Times, and Newsweek. Her memoir,…Read more ›
  • Heidi K. Zirtzlaff

    Heidi K. Zirtzlaff

    Heidi K. Zirtzlaff earned her master’s degree in international policy and conflict resolution at the Monterey Institute of International Studies, California, USA. She earned her bachelor’s degree in music from Wellesley College, Massachusetts, USA. Heidi has studied abroad in Moscow,…Read more ›
  • Delphine Zulu

    Delphine Zulu

    Delphine Zulu is a Zambian journalist and has worked for The Times of Zambia newspaper for seven years. She also contributes to the online South African publication, Genderlinks.
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