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RE: Ugandan Journalists Arrested For President Museveni’s Unflattering Cartoon

Uganda’s President Museveni needs to learn civility, which includes being respectful of others whether or not he agrees with them. I say this, because civility is obviously missing in his presidency, as displayed when he and his cohorts disguised as police officers recently arrested Director Samuel Ssejaka and Editor Mustapha Mugisha over a front page cover of their Summit Business Review’s depiction of him wielding a knife ready to cut a Ugandan shaped cake.
This is not the first controversy caused by a cartoon of a president and it won’t be the last. However, the issue here is his response. I also understand that several Ugandan journalists accused of defaming him have pending court cases. My concern is that this brings a more important issue to the limelight. Harassing, arresting and killing journalists who oppose them is the modus operandi of many African leaders. They do what they like because they feel they can get away with it. Their actions are not only to punish the journalists in question, but also to send a warning to others, which is what journalists worldwide cannot stand for.
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