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Afghan, Pakistani and Indian Women Pressure Afghan Government in Advance of Election

by Aditi Bhaduri -India- April 2014! It hangs like a Damocles’ sword over the Indian sub-continent. While Afghans may be the  immediate beneficiaries, the ramifications of what April 2014 denotes will be felt far and wide – in Pakistan, India,

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Green Scarves for Solidarity with Afghan Women

by Kate Hughes -UK- Ten years ago, Afghan women were promised a bright future. After decades of civil war, and repressive Taliban rule, they entered a new era in which they were once again able to work, send their daughters

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Young Women Launch Afghanistan’s First Anti-Street Harassment Campaign

by Holly Kearl -USA- Carrying banners and signs with messages like, “We will not tolerate harassment,” “Islam forbids men from insulting women,” and “I have the right to walk freely in my city,” on July 14, 50 brave women and

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Violence Breeds Violence: “Afghanistan without bombs and burqas”

by Wazhmah Osman – Afghanistan/USA – Today Afghanistan finds itself in a state of collapse and at the center of a powerful network of global terrorism. Kabul is a city filled with anxiety, insecurity, instability, trauma, and uncertainty; lost souls

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Another 5 years of Karzai: An Afghan-American Perspective from Kabul

by Wazhmah Osman – Afghanistan/USA – I was born in Kabul, Afghanistan during the good years, in the early seventies. Among my fondest memories is walking to and from school holding the hand of my stylish mother who was then

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India Braces for US Pressure on Afghanistan and Kashmir

by Aditi Bhaduri – India – As US President Barack Obama commits a troops increase in Afghanistan and a recognition of the “good Taliban,” and as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton paves the way for India’s nuclear energy program, many

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The Beauty Academy of Kabul

by Jessica Mosby – USA – When thinking of Afghanistan, it is difficult not to be overwhelmed by despair. Violence claimed over 6,000 lives in 2007 alone. The quality of life for women continues to decline as a result of

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Postcards From Tora Bora: Looking for the Afghanistan of Yesterday in the Ruins of Today

by Jessica Mosby – USA – When you think of Afghanistan, smiling women in shift dresses attending college is not the first image that comes to mind. Decades of violence has devastated the country, leaving little more than bomb craters,

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