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Stop Hating Your Children: Bahrain’s Nationality Law Leaves Many of its Children Stateless

by Suad Hamada – Bahrain – “The land that I grew to love, hates my babies.” This is sadly what many Bahraini women of stateless children think to themselves every single day of their lives. Like outcasts, they feel helplessly

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First Female Ministers in Bahrain and Kuwait Resign, the Victims of Dirty Politics

by Suad Hamada – Bahrain – Women’s empowerment apparently clashes with the not-so-hidden agendas of Kuwaiti and Bahraini parliamentarians. Dirty politics have resulted in the recent resignation of the first two female ministers ever to join the cabinets in either

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Hopes for the Closing of Guantanamo Bay’s Military Prison

by Suad Hamada Bahrain Of the many expectations that Arabs hope will come out of the US Presidential election, the top three almost certainly are: massive changes in American foreign policies in the Middle East; withdrawal of US troops in

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Children Suffer in Silence – Living with AIDS in Bahrain

By Suad Hamada – Bahrain – A young girl has faced the threat of being expelled from her primary school only because her mother is infected with AIDS. This secret was neither known to the girl nor the school, but

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Women Come as Second or Third Priority

by Suad Hamada Bahrain Women come as second or third priority to the Parliament in Bahrain as MPs consider them to be weak voters. This is the case even though 148,000 women participated in the parliamentary and municipal election in

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