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Changing Perspectives on Motherhood in India: An Interview with Jaishree Misra

by Bhakti Bapat Mathew -India- Motherhood has always been idolized in India. In most Bollywood movies, the mother of the protagonist is an ocean of love and sacrifice. She is usually portrayed as a sexless figure, (despite evidence to the

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On Feminism, Identity & Latinas in Arts and Literature: An Interview with Cristy C. Road


by Andrea Dulanto -USA- In December 2012, Brooklyn-based artist and writer Cristy C. Road came back home to Miami to read at Sweat Records from her latest graphic novel, Spit and Passion. The autobiographical narrative centers on Road’s early adolescence

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Out of the Darkness: An interview with Melanie Kirkpatrick on “Escape from North Korea”


by Leslie Patrick -South Korea- Standing at the 38th parallel that divides the two Koreas is a surreal experience. On the southern side, buses of foreign tourists on day trips from nearby Seoul buy postcards and gawk across barbed wire

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“Deeply Divided”: Sri Lanka through the Eyes of Adele Barker

by Mandy Van Deven – India – During the year she taught Russian literature at the University of Peradeniya in Kandy, Sri Lanka, Arizona University professor Adele Barker found herself more comfortable in the role of perpetual learner than educator.

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It Takes a Real Man to Talk to Boys: John Stoltenberg Offers an Alternative Vision of Male Strength

by Ellen Snortland – USA – Let me introduce you to my friend John Stoltenberg, a warm and generous American man full of good will and humor, who is also one of the United States’ leading male feminists, widely respected

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Iconic Photographer Annie Leibovitz Bares All in New Book and Exhibit

by Molly Nance – USA – I’m not usually one to arrive to a press event 30 minutes early, but recently I woke up in time to drive two hours north from Monterey to San Francisco, to arrive promptly at

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Author Cynthia Reeves Explores Relationships, Language and Dreams in Badlands

by Anna Clark – USA – There comes a time when a reader is starved for something new. A lot of tremendous fiction is being published these days, but most people don’t ever hear about it. In a time when

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Reflecting on What You Call Winter, Nalini Jones Finds That Home Is Where the Heart Is

by Nalini Jones – USA – Tomorrow evening, I fly to India. My bag is mostly packed and is a source of consternation to my dog, a sensitive soul who fears imminent departure. For me it is a sort of

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John & Yoko: A New York Love Story

by Hayward Hawks Marcus – USA – For years, many people have painted Yoko Ono as the cold and controlling monster who broke up the Beatles, ran John Lennon’s life, and probably made the pop legend unhappy, even if he

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Systematic Abuses of Women and Children in Zimbabwe’s Women’s Prison Stirs Up a Hornet’s Nest

by Constance Manika – Zimbabwe – In 2003, gender activists from the Zimbabwe Women Writers group published a book entitled A Tragedy of Lives: Women in Prison in Zimbabwe. It revealed shocking human rights abuses in the country’s prison system.

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