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Indigenous Interpreters Provide Missing Link for Natividad Medical Center Patients

by Kate Daniels Kurz, The WIP Director Natividad Medical Center, located in Salinas, California – the heart of California’s “Salad Bowl” – is one of the state’s 19 public safety net hospitals. Providing healthcare services to patients regardless of their

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Refuse, Renew, and Precycle this World Oceans Day

by Katharine Daniels Executive Editor June 8 is World Oceans Day – a growing global celebration of the big blue body of life that covers 71 percent of the earth’s surface. “The ocean makes life on Earth possible,” reads the

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A Turbulent Year for California’s Cormorants

by Kimberly N. Chase – USA – Once one of the world’s most notorious prisons, Alcatraz is now home to a new type of visitor – nesting seabirds. On a bright May morning this year, the sun cast bold shadows

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Crowdsourcing Strategy Draws Hot and Cool Reactions in Silicon Valley

by Genie Z. Laborde – USA – It’s hot because most people don’t know about it yet and it’s cool because it makes money. Crowdsourcing is a way for companies to enlist the help of their own Internet clients to

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High Stakes Testing

by Janelle Weiner -USA- Johnny realized late in his high school career he needed to make a change or face the fate of not graduating with his class. After cutting school regularly his first two years, he decided he didn’t

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