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Curing Cancer: Understanding Chemotherapy

by Paromita Pain -USA- Susan Mai did not want to die. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer and her doctor prescribed a course of chemotherapy, she knew it was the most that could be done. The very words “cancer”

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Medical Tourism: When Push Comes to Shove, My Embryonic Stem Cell Adventure Begins

by Amy B. Scher -USA- I am on a 21-hour flight, I am disabled, uncomfortable, and in pain. I hate crowds, I get anxious when I cannot escape from a small space, and I am not fond of germs. I

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No Lump Still Cancer: Understanding Inflammatory Breast Cancer

by Paromita Pain -USA- Birthdays mark milestones. For Terry Arnold, one birthday changed the course of her life. “I had just turned 49 when one morning I woke up with one breast significantly swollen,” she says. “Soon I went from

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The Body Worlds Exhibition: Macabre Freak Circus or Exploration of the Human Anatomy?

by Caroline Achieng Otieno -Netherlands- Within my community as in many African communities, death is seen as a great and irredeemable tragedy even when it occurs in old age. The reverence with which the Luo people view their ancestors is

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Cancer in Kenya Should Not Be A Death Certificate

by Joyce J. Wangui -Kenya- Biopsy, mammogram, and chemotherapy are words all too familiar with cancer patients. Death is another word often at the tip of many tongues as patients describe the disease. Kenyans are coming to terms with cancer,

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A Matter of Life and Health: Villagers in Kazakhstan Fight Big Oil

by Leanne A. Grossman -USA- The noxious smell of rotten eggs regularly blows over the rural village of Berezovka, Kazakhstan. The fumes come directly from the Karachaganak Oil and Gas Condensate Field only five kilometers away, which emits toxic hydrogen

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No Ordinary Fatigue: Battling Sjögren’s

by Paromita Pain -USA- “We cried the first time I told my family I had Sjögren’s syndrome,” says Susan Ross. “Dealing with the pain and fatigue seemed so overwhelming at times, but I was glad to finally know what it

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‘No Toilet, No Bride’: Sanitation Solutions in India

by Lesley D. Biswas -India- A version of the following article was originally published on October 1, 2010. Despite staggering rates of illness and disease from poor sanitation, mobile phones carry higher status than toilets amongst the poor in India.-

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