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U.S. Stimulus Plan to Boost Geothermal Energy Prospects

by Kimberly N. Chase – USA – In an unmarked meadow by the side of the road at The Geysers, the 30-square-mile steam field about 70 miles north of San Francisco, California, the air smells like sulfur. Clouds of steam

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Green Hawks in the Pentagon: the American Army Is on a Green Mission

by Eva Sohlman – Sweden – Former CIA director Jim Woolsey eagerly leans across the table in the swanky restaurant of the Carlton-Ritz Hotel in Washington, D.C. The seriousness of the matter he’s discussing is reflected in his sharp, almost

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Creating Sustainable Cities: The Bay Area and New York City Lead the Way

by Michelle Chen – USA – Angela Greene has a tough job: she and her workcrew scale the rooftops of Richmond, California to run wires, lay racks, and bend metal piping. Yet in the end, when she unfurls a gleaming

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Threatening Tides: Extinguishing Ecosystems and Communities in the Name of Hydroelectric Power

by Michelle Chen – USA – “Rich men dam the water Flooding the hill rice field, causing problems for Mother Rich men dam the river Flooding the roof and making Mother homeless” To the Karen people living along the Salween

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As the Power Supply in Zimbabwe Becomes Unreliable, Families, Industry and the Economy All Suffer

by Lelety Mabasa – Zimbabwe – Vongai stumbles into the house and fumbles as she pulls her room key from her bra. After she struggles with the lock for several minutes, the door finally creaks open. She slips into the

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Are Biofuels Really the Answer? New Studies Blow the Lid Off Biofuel Production and the Price the Planet Will Pay

by Katharine Daniels Executive Editor, The WIP – USA – The issue of deforestation hasn’t been on my radar for some years. It is one of the problems on our planet that I’d assumed would be so obvious that surely

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Asian Nations Urged to Shift to Clean Energy

by Imelda V. Abano – Philippines – Environmental group Greenpeace called on Asian governments to work in mitigating the impacts of climate change by shifting to renewable energy sources. The challenge to Asian governments was made April 28, at the

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