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Indian Mothers Reject Overprotective Parenting

by Swati Sanyal Tarafdar -India- “I always walked back home after school, mostly all by myself, and sometimes accompanied by a friend who might be sharing a part of the journey. And I have allowed my children to do the

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Remembering Our Mother: One Family’s Fight Against Domestic Violence

by Kimberly Amador, The WIP’s Associate Editor Saturday June 14th, 2014 was a beautiful, sunny day in my hometown in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California. At just after ten in the morning, my brother, my

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A Tale of Two Syrian Daughters

by Aloosh Devrim -Syria- Nada struggles to sleep amid the rapid and consistent blasts of artillery shelling and gunfire, a noise that has become commonplace in her Damascus neighborhood. She compares her life to Afaff’s, a friend who just called

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Heroin Addiction: One Family’s Misadventure

by Cassandra Stedham -USA- Addiction. What thoughts and images does this word evoke? Sunken eyes, pallid complexion, grinding teeth, fingernails gnawed down to the quick? The bland uniformity of a hospital waiting room? Spoons, flames, lines, tinfoil, smoke, needles. Junkies

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Adopting Chinese Daughters: A Conversation on Somewhere Between

by Alexandra Marie Daniels Arts, Culture & Media Editor “I cried” is the first thing I say when I begin my phone conversation with Linda Goldstein Knowlton about her new film Somewhere Between. “If you don’t cry,” the director responds,

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Kenya: Poverty, Alcoholism Blamed for Rising Domestic Violence Against Men

by Rachel Muthoni -Kenya- Cases of domestic violence are on the rise in Kenya. While in the past women were known to receive beatings from their husbands, it seems in recent years that women too are inflicting violence on their

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21st Century Teens, 15th Century Albanian Law: Joshua Marston’s The Forgiveness of Blood

by Alexandra Marie Daniels -USA- Through the lens of average teenage eyes, The Forgiveness of Blood captures the contradictions that have hindered Albania’s post-communist development. Specific in context yet universal in theme, Joshua Marston (director of the highly acclaimed 2004

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With Love and Respect, a Syrian Mom Dares Bashar

by Aloosh Devrim -Syria- Sunk deep in thoughts, Rania sits alone in her dark room oblivious to the thumping of feet on the roof where neighbor’s children are playing. The screams of Yousaf, her three-month-old, and the ringing telephone simultaneously

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Giving Childbirth Back to Women through the Support of a Doula

by Jenny Shapiro -USA- During my three years at International Planned Parenthood Federation, Western Hemisphere Region (IPPF/WHR), I have been fortunate—and humbled—to work with incredible colleagues whose dedication to securing sexual and reproductive health and rights for all is unsurpassed.

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If Only My Mother Told Me I Was HIV-positive

by Rachel Muthoni – Kenya – If only Kenyan society would choose to understand their kin and friends who are HIV-positive, deaths resulting from this virus could be reduced significantly. But the stigma associated with being infected or affected by

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