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Restoring First Foods to the Columbia River Basin

by Michelle Tolson -USA- “I want to make money, but I have to take care of the fish,” said Yakama Nation fisherwoman Caroline Looney Hunt when asked how much salmon she sells each year. “I sell it locally to our

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With No Money, Kenyan Farmers Find Way to Feed Hungry

by Rachel Muthoni -Kenya- When they hear cries of their fellow countrymen hit by acute food shortage, Kenyan peasant farmers in more productive areas have no money to donate. While they may feel the need and the wish to feed

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Farmageddon Director Kristin Canty on Saving America’s Farms

by Jessica Mosby -USA- For almost a year I have been experiencing insufferable allergies. Many doctors’ appointments and medications later, I still wake up in the morning with my skin inflamed and my eyes swollen shut. By the time I

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Food Is Priority for Children Evicted From Kenya’s Mau Forest

by Rachel Muthoni -Kenya- Since they were evicted from the Mau Forest complex two years ago, more than 10,000 families have known no better life than that of suffering, sleeping in the cold, hunger, and lack of access to basic

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Resisting Violence through Sustainable Agriculture in Colombia

by Moira Birss -USA/Colombia- In the middle of one of the most fertile regions in Colombia, amidst a five-decade armed conflict, a small peasant community manages to serve as a model of civilian resistance against violence and displacement. But as

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A Current between Shores: From Scarcity to Excess

by Rose-Anne Clermont – Germany – As a child, my parents told me almost every day to be grateful for the food on my plate. When I occasionally grimaced at the offerings, my father would say, “No problem, we can

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The Right to Food on World Food Day

by Imelda V. Abano – Philippines – When I visited a dumpsite last week to do a story about scavengers, I saw a group of children sifting through mountains of trash and asked: “What do you do when you’re hungry?”

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Saving the Grain of Culture: Historic Rice Terraces In Danger

by Imelda V. Abaño – Philippines – For centuries, rice has sculpted the culture of Asia. In fact, more than 2,000 years ago in the Philippines, tribal farmers revered the amazing native grain by carving out rice terraces using only

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Uganda’s Coffee Producers Hope to Benefit from Vietnam’s Dismal Crop Yield After Climate Change Diminishes Supply

by Esther Nakkazi – Uganda – Coffee exporters in developing countries are bracing themselves for higher unit export prices.Triggered by speculative buying from a supply shortage from Vietnam, one of the world’s biggest coffee producers, current conditions are fueling an

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Producing Artisan Cheeses in Provence: A Proud Tradition Still Lives

by D-L Nelson – France – France is a mecca for the large number of small-scale raw milk cheese producers that live and work in the region. Cheese lovers in the United States must content themselves with cheeses that abide

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