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When Breast Implants Are Ticking Time Bombs: The PIP Scandal

by Aralena Malone-Leroy -France- In late December 2011, while most Europeans were doing last-minute holiday shopping and preparing for gargantuan meals and family festivities, hundreds of thousands of women spent achingly sleepless nights, worried that their breast implants might be

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Paris by Foot

by Nola Solomon -USA- The United States had tough competition in Wednesday’s 2011 Women’s World Cup semi-final game against France. Though team USA will move on to the finals against Japan this Sunday, the French team gave them a real

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Why Christine Lagarde Is the Right Person to Lead the IMF

by Moyara deMoraes Ruehsen -USA- UPDATE: Yesterday, the IMF’s board blocked Bank of Israel governor Stanley Fischer from the race for the top IMF job. -Ed. With her distinctive silver coiffure and impressive couture wardrobe, it is hard not to

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Tennis Champ Justine Henin Quits Just Short of the French Open

by Bia Assevero – USA / France – Justine Henin was on top of the tennis world. Literally. The 25 year old Belgian was number one in the Women’s Tennis Association rankings and despite her less than stellar form of

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Nicolas Sarkozy: the President’s Personal Life Puts Hope of Legacy at Risk

by Bia Assevero – USA – It didn’t take a genius to predict that Nicolas Sarkozy was going to be a president, the likes of which France had never seen before. But no one, not even Nostradamus, could have predicted

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President Sarkozy and France’s Right Snub the Opening of New National Museum of the History of Immigration

by Aralena Malone-Leroy – France – When in 2002 President Jacques Chirac resuscitated a proposal for the creation of a museum of immigration, he was honoring an unpopular dream that had been in gestation for nearly 15 years. First proposed

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Producing Artisan Cheeses in Provence: A Proud Tradition Still Lives

by D-L Nelson – France – France is a mecca for the large number of small-scale raw milk cheese producers that live and work in the region. Cheese lovers in the United States must content themselves with cheeses that abide

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Nicolas Sarkozy’s Biggest Challenge: Not Just to Improve France’s Economy or Position on the World Stage, But to Make France’s Diversity Her Greatest Strength

by Bia Assevero – USA/France – Nicolas Sarkozy’s election to the French presidency last May 6th, signals that the French people have made a definite choice about the direction in which they want France to move. Or at least 53

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Cooperatives Provide Viable Alternative to Capitalism

by D-L Nelson – France – People talk of capitalism, socialism or communism as if these were the only three economic systems for the world to choose from. Little is said about co-operativism, one of the least-publicized economic systems, El

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Ecole Hostalet

by D-L Nelson France Not having any business experience didn’t stop artist-sculptor, Cristina Schønberg, from creating an arts and culture center in the tiny Catalan village of Argelès-sur-mer, France (www.argeles-sur-mer.com) at an age when most women are thinking of retirement.

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