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Cautious Optimism Fills India’s Women

By Aditi Bhaduri – India – On the 15th of August, India celebrated 67 years of independence from British colonial rule. A new wave of optimism seems to have been ushered in with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his opposition

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Kashmiri War Mothers Find Ways to Grieve

by Shazia Yousuf -Indian-administered Kashmir- When I met Taja Begum in the winter of 2009, I could tell she was dying soon. Taja, 75, was skin and bones. Every time she spoke, her trembling hands went up to soothe her

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Women Influence Surfing Culture: More Camaraderie and Fun

salvati 1

by Madison Salvati The WIP Summer Intern With the rise of women’s surfing in recent years, women no longer are shadowed by the male athletes who once dominated the waters. Carissa Moore, Stephanie Gilmore, Bethany Hamilton, and Maya Gabeira are

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Building Equitable Peace in the Land of Contrasts, Nepal

by Pushpa Iyer -USA- “Turn around, turn around,” my Nepali friend instructs our driver as we drive around Pokhara. She asks him to stop next to a small field. I get out of the car not really sure of what

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Paris by Foot

by Nola Solomon -USA- The United States had tough competition in Wednesday’s 2011 Women’s World Cup semi-final game against France. Though team USA will move on to the finals against Japan this Sunday, the French team gave them a real

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Charred Yet Smoldering: Indian Women Stand Up to Their Husbands’ Violence

by Pushpa Iyer – USA – Two weeks ago, late in the evening, Soma Bakshi, an educated, middle class young woman in Kolkata was set on fire by her husband and in-laws. This “incident” was preceded by a severe beating

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The Great Indian Gender Divide: An Area of Darkness

by Neeta Lal – India – With a booming economy, an exponentially growing Information Technology (IT) sector and surging economic prosperity amongst its 300 million-plus middle class, India seems poised for superpower status. However, beneath the spectacular “India Shining” story

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Yemen’s Women Behind Bars for Love or Rape

by Eva Sohlman – Sweden – SANA’A, Yemen – For a Yemeni woman the most common route to a jail cell is love or prostitution. Another is to be raped. “The most common reason why a Yemeni woman is in

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Boys Outnumber Girls in India at an Ever Growing Rate

by Neeta Lal – India – Kaveri Nambiar, 25, a Brahmin woman from Chennai in southern India, married a farmer’s son in Punjab, up north, a few months ago. But rather than glowing with the happiness of newly married bliss,

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