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One Woman’s Quest to End Violence and Empower Youth in Chicago’s Roseland

by Diane Latiker -USA- After eight children, 13 grandchildren, and two husbands, I was blessed with a passion that fills my soul. My mom raised me to be independent, married or not. She taught me to always stand for something

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The Courage to Create Social Change

by Katharine Daniels, Executive Editor One light amongst the darkness of the tragedy that befell Newtown, Connecticut and this nation last week is the collective outrage that persists. In daily conversations with friends and family, throughout the social media, and

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During Macedonia’s Wedding Season, Bullets Fall Like Rain

by Natasha Dokovska – Macedonia – 19-year old Natasha Kmetovska and 10-year old Heroldina Iljazi both died last year after being hit by stray bullets; their killers have yet to be found. Natasha was killed at the New Year’s celebration

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Armed Conflict and Small Arms Proliferation in India’s North East – Part II

by Binalakshmi Nepram-Mentschel – India – In Part I of Binalakshmi’s report on small arms proliferation, she explores the cultural, political and geographical factors that make North East India a hotbed for the small arms trade. – Ed. Many parts

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Armed Violence Against Women in Macedonia

by Natasha Dokovska – Macedonia – In Macedonia, one in three women is the victim of domestic violence, and one in four is the victim of gun violence. “I was beaten up by my husband for the first time soon

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