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Medical Tourism: When Push Comes to Shove, My Embryonic Stem Cell Adventure Begins

by Amy B. Scher -USA- I am on a 21-hour flight, I am disabled, uncomfortable, and in pain. I hate crowds, I get anxious when I cannot escape from a small space, and I am not fond of germs. I

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The Body Worlds Exhibition: Macabre Freak Circus or Exploration of the Human Anatomy?

by Caroline Achieng Otieno -Netherlands- Within my community as in many African communities, death is seen as a great and irredeemable tragedy even when it occurs in old age. The reverence with which the Luo people view their ancestors is

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Farmageddon Director Kristin Canty on Saving America’s Farms

by Jessica Mosby -USA- For almost a year I have been experiencing insufferable allergies. Many doctors’ appointments and medications later, I still wake up in the morning with my skin inflamed and my eyes swollen shut. By the time I

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Radical Life Extension? Mark Wexler Discusses How To Live Forever

by Jessica Mosby -USA- If you could take a pill that would let you live for another 500 years, would you do it? Director Mark Wexler poses this question in his new documentary How to Live Forever. The film is

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King Corn: Changing What We Eat and How We Grow It

by Jessica Mosby – USA – Blaming someone or something for America’s obesity epidemic seems like an obvious national debate, but naming Iowa corn as the culprit seems almost laughable. I find it hard to believe that millions of people

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Angels in the Dust: A Glimmer of Hope in HIV/AIDS Epidemic

by Jessica Mosby – USA – 100 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa will have been infected with HIV/AIDS by the year 2010. Another 26 million children will be orphaned by the virus. The idea that two ordinary people could affect,

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“Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters”: Author Courtney Martin Reflects on The Frightening New Normalcy of Hating Your Body

by Courtney E. Martin – USA – I placed the voice recorder near my subject, asking if it was at a comfortable distance, and then sat down in my own chair opposite. The list of questions I had prepared for

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HIV/AIDS Epidemic Raging Among Men Having Sex with Men (MSM): amFAR Announces New Initiative in Sydney to Address the Crisis

by Imelda V. Abaño & Esther Nakkazi – Philippines/Uganda – Reporting from Sydney, Australia One of the greatest public health failures in the fight against AIDS is the world’s inability to prevent widespread HIV infection among Men who have Sex

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Breast-feeding Rates Decline Across Asia and the Pacific Posing Health Risks to Infants and Children

by Imelda V. Abaño – Philippines – Susan Luknas, is a 26-year old mother from a small village in Bontoc, Mountain Province in the Northern Philippines. All six of her children were breastfed and never tasted anything but their mother’s

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Will Sex with a Virgin Cure HIV/AIDS? – Why Zambian Children Are Being Defiled: The Courts Try New Measures to Stop the Record Number of Cases

by Delphine Zulu – Zambia – The number of children being defiled in Zambia has continued to increase dramatically because of a widespread belief that having sex with a virgin will cure HIV/AIDS; this mis-information is mainly spread by local

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