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They Think We’re Coming for their American Dream: The Salvadorian Immigration Epidemic

By Ghazal Rahmanpanah -El Salvador/USA- A century ago immigration in the United States was synonymous with the image of ships arriving at Ellis Island filled with Central, Eastern and Southern Europeans seeking refuge from war and poverty. Today the topic

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Indigenous Interpreters Provide Missing Link for Natividad Medical Center Patients

by Kate Daniels Kurz, The WIP Director Natividad Medical Center, located in Salinas, California – the heart of California’s “Salad Bowl” – is one of the state’s 19 public safety net hospitals. Providing healthcare services to patients regardless of their

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A Tale of Two Syrian Daughters

by Aloosh Devrim -Syria- Nada struggles to sleep amid the rapid and consistent blasts of artillery shelling and gunfire, a noise that has become commonplace in her Damascus neighborhood. She compares her life to Afaff’s, a friend who just called

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In Australia, Is ‘Say No To Burqas’ Say No To Immigration?

by Sarah Irving -Australia- For a piece of cloth, the burqa arouses an extraordinary amount of emotion. In France women wearing it have been criminalised, and politicians throughout the Western world seem keen to capitalise on it as an emblem

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A Home Away From Home: Filipina Nannies Create Spaces of Belonging in Canada

by Katie Palmer -Canada- In 2009, the Toronto Star published a series of investigative reports on the widespread abuse and exploitation of Filipina live-in caregivers. The newspaper repeatedly pegged migrant women as victims: victims of ungodly employers; victims of provincial

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Local Arizona Voices Chime In on Immigration Debate

by Melissa Hahn -USA- When Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed Senate Bill 1070 into law, she thrust the state into the national spotlight as a catalyst for immigration reform. As the reverberations pulse across the country, the law is best

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India Sets Its Sights on Higher Education

by Priyanka Bhardwaj – India – Education remains an emotional subject in a poor and developing country like India, where it is seen as the primary means for social and economic mobility. Indian families are known to sell land and

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From Denmark with Love:An Interview with Filmmaker Janus Metz

by Brittany Shoot – Denmark – Migrant communities in Denmark are a subject fraught with debate. As South Asian women increasingly immigrate to Scandinavia, stricter laws have been enacted to discourage the practice of convenience marriages. Rumors about abuse in

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A Current between Shores: Leaving Home

by Rose-Anne Clermont – Germany – They leave holding only their children’s small hands in their own. A crumpled photo of a relative might find its place among their few possessions. Most often it is nothing more than a prospect—of

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Turn Back South: Immigration Through the Lens of a Bosnian Immigrant

by Jessica Mosby – USA – Though the United States is a country of immigrants, immigration divides the culture and fuels an endless debate clouded by strong emotion on both sides. Over 11.3 million people are living illegally in the

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