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Message to the Irish Government: We’re not leaving!

by Lucy Fitzgerald -Ireland- The global recession has had dire consequences for Ireland. New entrants to the workforce have suffered disproportionately, with the youth unemployment rate standing at a shocking 25.9 percent. This figure is an underestimate since it does

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Hidden Harassment: The Challenges of India’s Pink-Collar Worker

Stand up straight. Chin up. Look forward. Move fast, but with purpose. Brace yourself. These are not the words of a ballroom dance instructor, but those of Yamuna, the sole newspaper girl in Chennai, as she mutters to herself every

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The Plight of the Foreign Domestic Worker in Singapore

by Melissa Dalton-Bradford -Switzerland- She’s Indonesian, in her thirties, and works in Singapore to sustain her family back at home – her children from a failed marriage, her mother, and her siblings. To keep a thatched roof over everyone’s heads,

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Equal Pay UK: Why Some Are Paid More Than Others

by Meghan Lewis -UK- In the same week that Ramesh Ponnuru, Senior Editor for the National Review, said that “The pay gap is exaggerated, discrimination doesn’t drive it and it’s not clear that government can eliminate it – or should

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Workplace ”Mobbing”: EU Integration Pushes Macedonian Labor Law to the Surface

by Natasha Dokovska – Macedonia – “I have 15 years seniority over the human resources officer and the highest level of education. Eight years ago, I was the head of the department, but in the last two years I have

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The Women of Brukman: Revolutionary Spirit in the Wake of Argentina’s Economic Meltdown

by Jessica Mosby – USA – – March 8th – Today we celebrate International Women’s Day with our sisters and mothers, aunts and grandmothers, cousins and daughters, and most of all, with our writers, who have become family. On this

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The Clean House Examines Domestic Labor Gender Imbalance

by Sarah Wyatt USA Young playwright Sarah Ruhl continues to gain widespread recognition for her play, The Clean House. She is emerging as a powerful presence in the American performing arts. The acclaimed and affecting comedy by the MacArthur genius

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