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What Makes a Hoosier?

by Kelley Calvert – USA – Hoosiers are a proud lot even if we cannot always explain where the term came from. Most people lose interest anyway, right after asking, “Where exactly is Indiana again?” They do not know that

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Workplace ”Mobbing”: EU Integration Pushes Macedonian Labor Law to the Surface

by Natasha Dokovska – Macedonia – “I have 15 years seniority over the human resources officer and the highest level of education. Eight years ago, I was the head of the department, but in the last two years I have

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Decriminalizing Same Sex Relations in India: A Legal Beginning

by Aditi Bhaduri – India – A mini revolution is underway in India. On July 2nd the Delhi High Court read down a 149-year-old archaic law that criminalized same sex relations. It is a tiny victory for a battle that

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Abuse Survivors Face Systemic Struggles as Resources for Help Dwindle

by Michelle Chen – USA – Tanya McLeod’s marriage was hurting, but her husband thought he could make it up to her when he brought her a cute dog as a “peace offering.” The family stayed together and the dog

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And Justice for All: We Must Reverse Our Zeal to Incarcerate

by Nomi Prins – USA – The movie, Atonement, is a heart-breaking love-story, a historical WWII saga. Without giving away the ending, which must be seen to be adequately felt, it tells the tale of two lovers’ lives irrevocably changed

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Personal Data Is Now on the Record in Germany

by Rose-Anne Clermont – Germany – BERLIN – Seventy years ago, every kernel of a German’s identity was accessible by the government; financial statements, personal correspondence, family and religious information remained unprotected and defenseless. Private was what could be hidden

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Interception of Communications Act Sparks Debate and Fear: Zimbabwean Human Rights Activists Up in Arms

by Constance Manika – Zimbabwe – The recent passing of the Interception of Communication Act, signed into law by Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe on August 3, 2007, has sparked much debate and inspired just as much fear in the heart’s

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At last, Dr. Haleh Esfandiari Has Been Released on Bail from Evin Prison – For Now

by Patricia Vásquez Managing Editor, The WIP – USA – A week ago, on August 15th, the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, DC, for which Dr. Haleh Esfandiari is the Director of The Middle East Program, was announcing the 100th

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Will Sex with a Virgin Cure HIV/AIDS? – Why Zambian Children Are Being Defiled: The Courts Try New Measures to Stop the Record Number of Cases

by Delphine Zulu – Zambia – The number of children being defiled in Zambia has continued to increase dramatically because of a widespread belief that having sex with a virgin will cure HIV/AIDS; this mis-information is mainly spread by local

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Freedom of Information, a Trademark for a Democratic Society

by Glory Mushinge – Zambia – The procrastination of government over the enactment of the Freedom of Information Bill (FOIB), which gives the public and journalists free access to public information, has ignited concern, with some members of the judiciary

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