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Restricting Abortion: A Questionable Tool for Increasing Macedonia’s Birth Rate

by Natasha Dokovska -Macedonia- In 2013, Macedonia’s Christian Democrat party adopted a new law on termination of pregnancy restricting a woman’s right to a safe and legal abortion. Macedonia’s new abortion law has generated controversy not only for the non-scientific,

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Workplace ”Mobbing”: EU Integration Pushes Macedonian Labor Law to the Surface

by Natasha Dokovska – Macedonia – “I have 15 years seniority over the human resources officer and the highest level of education. Eight years ago, I was the head of the department, but in the last two years I have

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Macedonian Government Systematically Attacks the Media: Albanian MPs Attack Each Other While Police Beat and Arrest TV Crews

by Natasha Dokovska – Macedonia – A scandal recently occurred at the Macedonian Parliament on September 28th, when the Albanian members of parliament physically attacked each other. Even worse, the fight escalated into a bigger brawl between the police (who

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During Macedonia’s Wedding Season, Bullets Fall Like Rain

by Natasha Dokovska – Macedonia – 19-year old Natasha Kmetovska and 10-year old Heroldina Iljazi both died last year after being hit by stray bullets; their killers have yet to be found. Natasha was killed at the New Year’s celebration

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Sweatshops Producing Big Western Brands in Macedonia Continue Unchecked Leaving Twenty Women Dead This Summer

by Natasha Dokovska – Macedonia – Forty year old Marijana Stojcevska died over her sewing machine after 13 hours of non-stop work just two weeks ago. She was employed by MARKOS, a private textile company that produces underwear for the

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Hymen Repair Surgery in Macedonia: A Virgin Again for 400 Euros

by Natasha Dokovska – Macedonia – In the past, if a woman wasn’t a virgin, she would surreptitiously pour animal blood on the bed after consummating her marriage. Today, this tradition has been replaced in Macedonia with a more sophisticated

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Child Marriage Persists in Macedonia Among the Roma: Esma Is Sold for 1000 Euros

by Natasha Dokovska – Macedonia – The sounds of the tambour and clarinet – loud Gypsy music – throngs of young people dressed in traditional costume, a wood table piled high with food and plenty of dry red wine…this was

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Prisoners in Macedonia Struggle to Reintegrate Into Society

by Natasha Dokovska – Macedonia – “…Even after getting out of prison I’ll be on the streets again…” “I’ve been in prison already seven months and ought to serve my 36 months sentence. I was convicted for prostitution…I can’t believe

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Textile Workers in Macedonia Exploited

by Natasha Dokovska – Macedonia – “Sometimes we’re locked up in the tailor’s shop. Sometimes we’re not given free time to go to toilet…The owner, who is Greek, wants everyone to work overtime, even though we’re already at the sewing

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Armed Violence Against Women in Macedonia

by Natasha Dokovska – Macedonia – In Macedonia, one in three women is the victim of domestic violence, and one in four is the victim of gun violence. “I was beaten up by my husband for the first time soon

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