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Female Perspectives on Ending Sexual Violence: Overcoming Rape-Related PTSD

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by Stephanie Koehler USA Stephanie Koehler is a journalist and photographer residing in California. She is also an advocate for the Rape Crisis Center. The goal of “Female Perspectives on Ending Sexual Violence” is to unite women all over the

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Hell and Back Again Brings Home The Psychological Devastation of War

by Alexandra Marie Daniels -USA- This week marks the 10th anniversary of the war in Afghanistan. For most of us, this is a relatively insignificant fact in our daily lives. We acknowledge our military as distant heroes, doing important work

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Living in the Homes of Strangers: Foster Care Reform Should Focus on Family

by Michelle Chen – USA – After spending years living in the homes of strangers, Andreah Moyer finally found her way back to her grandfather at the age of seventeen. One question had burned in her mind all that time:

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Healing Hands for the Forgotten War in Bosnia: Volunteer Therapists Treat the Scars of War One Person at a Time

by D-L Nelson – France – Old wars are usually forgotten as soon as new wars make headlines. The war fought in Bosnia between March 1992 and November 1995 is such a war. In a conflict whose politics were as

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From Homeless Advocates to Nearly Homeless: How LA County Mental Health may be contributing to the homeless population it struggles to serve

by Sarah McGowan Features & Photo Editor, The WIP – USA – Denise and Esteban, both in their early 50’s, moved into my apartment building eight months ago. Our first encounter occurred in the hallway while I precariously lumbered up

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Despair of Young European Muslims Drives Some to Suicide—Part I

by Karine Ancellin Saleck – Belgium – Towards the end of their secondary school years, or sometimes college years, young Europeans between 15 and 25 experience depression and a sense of failure. During this passage from student to professional life,

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