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Documenting the Dark Side of Maternal Mental Health

by Danielle Steer -USA – Suicide is a common postpartum complication. When I first heard that 1 in 7 women suffer from a maternal mental health complication like pregnancy depression or postpartum depression and that 1 in 1000 will suffer

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Kashmiri War Mothers Find Ways to Grieve

by Shazia Yousuf -Indian-administered Kashmir- When I met Taja Begum in the winter of 2009, I could tell she was dying soon. Taja, 75, was skin and bones. Every time she spoke, her trembling hands went up to soothe her

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India’s New Sexism of ‘Safety’

Nirbhaya Vigil

by Neeta Lal -India- December 16, 2013 marked the one-year anniversary of the death of Nirbhaya, the young physiotherapist who died after being brutally gang raped and assaulted with iron rods on a moving bus by six men, including a

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Changing Perspectives on Motherhood in India: An Interview with Jaishree Misra

by Bhakti Bapat Mathew -India- Motherhood has always been idolized in India. In most Bollywood movies, the mother of the protagonist is an ocean of love and sacrifice. She is usually portrayed as a sexless figure, (despite evidence to the

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The World’s Best and Worst Places to Be a Mother

Where in the world are the best and worst places to be a mother? Watch this Link TV/Save the Children documentary – The Mothers Index – and learn about how you can get involved in supporting mothers and children around

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The “democratic evolution” of the Kurdish Question:Turkish and Kurdish Mothers Campaign for Peace

by Dr. Emel Baştürk Akca – Turkey – “We mothers, whose hearts are burning, have come together so that there will be no more pain. We do not want our children to die.” These words belong to Nurten Ekinci, a

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Art Imitating Life: Berlin Through the Eyes of Käthe Kollwitz

by Brittany Shoot – Denmark – This year marks the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Celebrations for the historic occasion have been planned for months, and next week, Angela Merkel – Germany’s first and now second-term

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Parvati’s Burden: Scratching the Surface of Motherhood in India

by Mandy Van Deven – India – Unlike the abundance of exploration into the many dilemmas of motherhood by feminists in the West, in India the subject is so under-examined that it might as well not even exist. In fact,

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Saving Mothers, Saving Children: The 2008 Mother’s Report

by Marianne Taflinger – USA – In Sweden, a doctor delivers Sari, and her family celebrates what will be the beginning of a long life, probably 83 years or more. She’ll attend at least 17 years of school and if

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A Current between Shores: On Children

by Rose-Anne Clermont – Germany – My sister doesn’t have any children. Neither does my female cousin, nor my sister-in-law. A close female friend of mine from college wants kids but her relationship woes and her career haven’t allowed for

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