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Clark Terry as Hero, Mentor, and Friend: Keep On Keepin’ On

by Alexandra Marie Daniels -USA- I always thought that the most important thing was to play my horn. But later on I had a new dream, to help young musicians make their dreams come true. – Clark Terry Filmed over

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21st Century Piracy: The Demise of the Music Industry

by Victoria Aitken -UK- If you think of pirates as boat raiders off the coast of Somalia, or Johnny Depp starring in “Pirates of the Caribbean,” think again. A different kind of pirate is killing British jobs, closing shops on

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In the Sinai Desert, Radio Sharm is Live and Well

by Victoria Aitken -UK- The Sinai desert has a new underground radio station – the only one to escape a ban on live radio transmissions – and it is breaking records for a radio station of its size. Radio Sharm’s

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Girls Rock!: Keeping the Beat for Aspiring Female Musicians

by Jessica Mosby – USA – The experiences and emotions of young American girls are much more complicated, and even tragic, than most people, particularly men, would assume. Girls as young as eight are regularly confronting low self-esteem, eating disorders,

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Uganda’s New Copyright Law Gives Hope to Artists

by Halimah Abdallah Kisule – Uganda – In Uganda, the widespread burning of counterfeit CDs has robbed musicians of their due. Until August of last year, Uganda used a copyright law inherited from its former British colonial masters. The law

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When the Road Bends: Tales of a Gypsy Caravan

by Jessica Mosby – USA – All gypsies are thieves and beggars who will steal your children and your passport! According to Johnny Depp, believers in that statement should drop everything they’re doing and run, not walk, to the nearest

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Souvenir’s Portrayal of Soprano, Florence Foster Jenkins, Offers Modern Parallels

by Sarah Wyatt – USA – She was a socialite. Or was she awkward, gullible, clumsy? She prized her autonomy and tenacity. Yet she also hungered for approval from the cultural elite. Will the real Florence Foster Jenkins please stand

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