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Mine: The Pets That Hurricane Katrina Left Behind

by Jessica Mosby – USA – The most emotionally and politically-charged documentary of the year is about a surprisingly original subject: the domestic pets that were lost or left behind in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Mine artfully portrays the

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Vanishing City: Post-Katrina Redevelopment Excludes “poor and working-class”

by Michelle Chen – USA – Feb. 5th – Today marks Fat Tuesday in New Orleans and the most celebrated day of Mardi Gras festivities. As thousands of visitors flock to the city to celebrate, thousands more have yet to

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Zambia Floods

by Delphine Zulu – Zambia – This year, MORE than 4,000,000 Zambian people, especially in rural areas, will be affected by hunger and will need immediate attention from the Government to save them from starvation. Severe flooding in six major

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