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Kashmir Floods: “Please Don’t Panic, We Will Reach You”

by Lubna Reshi -Indian-administered Kashmir- Srinagar is not the same as when I left in mid-August. I feel like I have returned to a warzone. Devastation and desolation is overwhelming and Kashmir, known for its serene environment, is no longer

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Floods, Drought, and Displacement Hit Pakistan’s Women Hardest

by Sarah Irving -UK- The monsoon floods in Pakistan have killed thousands and affected an estimated twenty million people across several provinces. According to development organizations working in the country, the humanitarian crisis is yet another blow for Pakistan’s rural

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Hands On in Haiti: Defying Disaster and Questioning Humanitarianism

by Michelle Chen -USA- It’s been weeks since I left Haiti, but the fractured images of the ruined city replay themselves like a battered flipbook. Speeding through the streets of Leogane, near Port-au-Prince, on a sputtering moto-taxi, you see two-story

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