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Ditch Your Plastic This World Ocean’s Day!

June 8 is World Ocean’s Day! Kate Daniels Kurz, Executive Editor of The WIP, recently sat down with Sarah-Mae Nelson, Climate Change Interpretive Specialist at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  Nelson has been plastic free for over three years.  Plastics degrade

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To Survive Humans Need Will to Change: Commit to Reducing Pollution and Waste this Earth Day

by Victoria Stirling -Canada- What legacy are we going to leave our descendants? Will human beings worldwide re-evaluate our actions, our politics, and our economics according to their effects on the whole network of life? Today the ethics of ecology

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Crude: The Real Price of Oil – An Interview with Director Joe Berlinger

by Jessica Mosby – USA – Crude: The Real Price of Oil is outright sickening. Huge crude oil pits dot the landscape, natural waterways are so polluted that drinking the water causes cancer, and Ecuador’s indigenous communities’ entire way of

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