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Advocacy Tours Transform Local Development Issues into Tourist Spectacles

by Katie Palmer -Canada- Recently I partnered with a colleague from OneChild, a children’s rights organization, to travel throughout Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand for several weeks to investigate prevalent social issues affecting children and youth in the region. Such issues

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Inflation in Kenya Drives Women to Commercial Sex Work

by Rachel Muthoni -Kenya- With the current inflation in Kenya, the number of Commercial Sex Workers (CSW) in Nakuru, the capital of the most populated Rift Valley province, is rising steadily – a trend that began after the 2007-2008 post-election

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Despite Profits, Beer Companies Do Not Provide Living Wage For Cambodian Promoters

by Michelle Tolson -Cambodia- Entertainment venues are very popular in Cambodia. They are well supplied with beer and young women to serve it. Karaoke clubs and beer gardens are frequented by Khmer men who expect women to sit and drink

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Generation ‘Y’ Leads the Way in the Rise of Active Global Citizenship

by Katie Palmer -Canada- In recent years, there has been a slight yet noticeable shift among many Western young adult travelers. Once adventurously backpacking across Northern Europe and other parts of the world, they now combine cheap travel to the

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Borei Keila Evictions Highlights Economic Hierarchy Among Poor in Cambodia

by Michelle Tolson -Cambodia- On January 12th, 2012 I traveled 45 km outside of Phnom Penh with a group of human rights workers and journalists to a relocation site for the evictees of the Borei Keila slum, which had been

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With No Money, Kenyan Farmers Find Way to Feed Hungry

by Rachel Muthoni -Kenya- When they hear cries of their fellow countrymen hit by acute food shortage, Kenyan peasant farmers in more productive areas have no money to donate. While they may feel the need and the wish to feed

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Taking the First Step: Educating Karachi’s Street Children

by Zubeida Mustafa -Pakistan- The story of Parveen Lateef and her home school was first published on October 22, 2010. This version includes an update on Lateef and her students. It is as relevant today as it was when it

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“Informal Settlement” Status Discriminates Against Residents in Africa’s Largest Slum

by Liz McGinn -UK- Every year the BBC runs a huge televised fundraising event called Comic Relief. Its aim is to raise as much money as possible for worthwhile causes in the UK and Africa. The fundraising, undertaken by both

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If Only My Mother Told Me I Was HIV-positive

by Rachel Muthoni – Kenya – If only Kenyan society would choose to understand their kin and friends who are HIV-positive, deaths resulting from this virus could be reduced significantly. But the stigma associated with being infected or affected by

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Woman to Woman: How Giving in Uganda Changed My Life

by Carrie R. Sparrevohn – USA – In 2005 I traveled to Uganda, East Africa, for the first time. I met Margaret Nangobi on that trip, in Mwanyangiri, a tiny village about an hour’s drive from the capitol. What transpired

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