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Syrian Mothers on Their Own: “We Are All the Same, Confronting Death and Our Destiny”

by Riham Alkousaa -Germany- Fadia Al-Khatib, a mother of five, came to Germany by herself. The 44-year-old Syrian woman and her husband decided that she would seek asylum first and then apply to bring her family over. Hundreds of Syrian

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Climate Refugees: The Human Toll of a Changing Planet

by Jessica Mosby – USA – The world’s weather is changing and millions of people will be displaced. This tragic reality is captured in the new documentary film, Climate Refugees. Without engaging in the divisive global warming debate, director and

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London Rally Draws Many of the UK’s Struggling Zimbabwean Exiles

by Sandra Nyaira – UK – On a chilly Saturday afternoon as rain drizzles continually from the grey London skies, Trafalgar Square slowly fills with women from all walks of life, braving the winds and cold. Exiled Zimbabwean men and

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“South Africa Treats Zimbabwean Refugees Like Criminals”

by Grace Kwinjeh – South Africa – Last week Zimbabwe’s civil society and opposition held a commemorative vigil marking the anniversary of the gruesome torture of opposition leaders (myself included) at the hands of the Mugabe government. The world watched

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A Current between Shores: Leaving Home

by Rose-Anne Clermont – Germany – They leave holding only their children’s small hands in their own. A crumpled photo of a relative might find its place among their few possessions. Most often it is nothing more than a prospect—of

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The Saharawi – Forgotten in the Desert

by Victoria Aitken – UK – Inspired by her friend Piera’s lost heritage, writer Victoria Aitken traveled to Western Sahara to understand more about the plight of a people ousted from their land. I flew out of New York’s stone

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