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Lessons on Peace from Ugandan Coffee Growers

Last night executive editor of The WIP, Kate Daniels participated in a panel discussion following a showing of Delicious Peace Grows in a Ugandan Coffee Bean, a film about a coffee cooperative in Uganda working with companies in the United

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Dowry Tradition Prevails in Sri Lanka, Preys on Women

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by Nicola Yeeles – UK- Priyanka* is a soft-spoken, gently rounded 46-year-old Sri Lankan Tamil woman with a friendly manner. She is training to be a church minister, but her life was not planned this way. In the 90s Priyanka

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As Catholic as the Pope But Not Allowed to Lead

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by Alexandra Marie Daniels -USA- On March 13, 2013 Argentinian Cardinal Jorge Maria Bergoglio, 76, was elected by the cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church to succeed Pope Benedict XVI. Although hailed for both humility and service to the poor,

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Religious Beliefs Prevent Kenyan Parents from Seeking Conventional Medicine for Children

by Rachel Muthoni -Kenya- In a bid to keep their religious faith, some Kenyan parents do not take their children to hospitals, even for the most basic immunization. Such parents believe that only God heals and seeking conventional medicine is

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Screenless Sundays: Almost Amish Tips for Taking A Technology Fast

by Nancy Sleeth -USA- Something is wrong, terribly wrong, about our time. We feel it like a splinter in our hearts. There is no room for margin: we Twitter while we drive, talk while we text, and surf until we

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Tibetan Nomads Lose Ground to Development

by Michelle Tolson -Mongolia- On May 31 2012, the Tibetan Women’s Association dutifully recorded the self-immolation of Rikyo, a Tibetan nomad woman and mother of three who set herself on fire near a monastery at a town in Ngaba County

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Building Equitable Peace in the Land of Contrasts, Nepal

by Pushpa Iyer -USA- “Turn around, turn around,” my Nepali friend instructs our driver as we drive around Pokhara. She asks him to stop next to a small field. I get out of the car not really sure of what

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Buddhism in Ladakh: Everyday, Everywhere

by Charukesi Ramadurai – India – High in the north Indian state of Kashmir sits Ladakh, held by many as the last bastion of Himalayan Buddhism. Since Tibet is out of bounds for most tourists, Ladakh now attracts travelers and

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Of Art, the Sacred and the Secular: India’s Debate over Painter M.F. Hussain

by Aditi Bhaduri – India – A debate gripping much of India’s urban middle class has been the controversy surrounding renowned painter M.F. Hussain. Considered India’s Picasso, he received the country’s second highest civilian award – the Padma Vibhushan. But

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Why Wright Still Matters to Obama’s Campaign

by Faye M. Anderson – USA – With only three primaries remaining, the Democratic presidential nomination battle is nearing the finish line. While Barack Obama has won a majority of pledged delegates, he is still short of the 2,026 delegates

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