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Agastya Science Center: Education and Hope from a Fountain of Knowledge

by Urmila Chanam -India- An outstanding organization neither stands on concrete pillars nor on the vision of its founder alone. Most often it stands on the power of ordinary people who go the extra mile, provide a human touch, and

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The Body Worlds Exhibition: Macabre Freak Circus or Exploration of the Human Anatomy?

by Caroline Achieng Otieno -Netherlands- Within my community as in many African communities, death is seen as a great and irredeemable tragedy even when it occurs in old age. The reverence with which the Luo people view their ancestors is

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VIP Falcon Health Care in the United Arab Emirates

by Victoria Aitken -UK- Ever heard of a hospital which is an international tourist attraction recommended by guidebooks and airlines? Where state of the art medical technology is virtually limitless? And whose patients are all VIPs yet never complain? Welcome

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When Breast Implants Are Ticking Time Bombs: The PIP Scandal

by Aralena Malone-Leroy -France- In late December 2011, while most Europeans were doing last-minute holiday shopping and preparing for gargantuan meals and family festivities, hundreds of thousands of women spent achingly sleepless nights, worried that their breast implants might be

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Radical Life Extension? Mark Wexler Discusses How To Live Forever

by Jessica Mosby -USA- If you could take a pill that would let you live for another 500 years, would you do it? Director Mark Wexler poses this question in his new documentary How to Live Forever. The film is

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Geotherapy: Artist Mara Haseltine’s Blueprints to Save the Planet

by Nora Maccoby – USA – “The question for me has always been: How can I help the world?” Mara Haseltine smiles – her large aquatic blue eyes bright and passionate. “Because it’s a race against time. We have to

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U.S. Stimulus Plan to Boost Geothermal Energy Prospects

by Kimberly N. Chase – USA – In an unmarked meadow by the side of the road at The Geysers, the 30-square-mile steam field about 70 miles north of San Francisco, California, the air smells like sulfur. Clouds of steam

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NASA Confirms This Year’s Arctic Ice Is the Lowest Ever Recorded: To Nobel Nominee the Consequences Are Real

by Sarah Wyatt – USA – “The Arctic is not a wilderness or a frontier. It is our home. It is our homeland…Our entire way of life as we know it may end in my grandson’s lifetime.” The once-heated debate

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Our Bodies, Our Cells: An Interview with Dr. Joyce Whiteley Hawkes “…a rare combination of rational scientist and enlightened healer”

by Hayward Hawks Marcus – USA – Ten thousand could dance on the head of a pin – if they could dance. Invisible to the human naked eye, they are with us from conception, doing their best to protect us

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Talking Maps: A Change in Perspective

by D-L Nelson – France – Look closely at the Van der Grinten map. It is upside down, except it isn’t. The earth, seen from space, has no up and down.The map drawn by Gerardus Kremer (1512-1594) decorates classroom walls

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