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Innovative Internet-based Projects Give Indian Women Platform to Fight Violence

by Paromita Pain -India- Gropes, stealthy fingers that pinch and leave bruises, catcalls, severe beatings, systematic starvation, emotional torture and worse – harassment against women takes many forms, and like issues of hunger and poverty, it is global in scope.

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SlutWalk To Femicide: Making The Connection

by Rita Banerji -India- In January, a Toronto police constable told a group of students at a school safety forum that to prevent being sexually assaulted they should “avoid dressing like sluts.” This victim-blaming message sparked a global grassroots protest

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The Price of Education: Sexual Abuse and HIV/AIDS At Zimbabwe’s Universities

by Chumile Jamela -Zimbabwe- Lisa Kunene’s* path to higher learning has been a painful one. A 20-year-old first-year engineering student at one of the top universities in Zimbabwe, she was born to a poor communal farmer in rural Matebeleland South,

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Breaking the Silence: Rallying around the World to End Gender-based Street Harassment

by Holly Kearl -USA- What does a woman in Bangalore, India, standing on a busy street corner, waiting for a bus have in common with a teenage girl in Queens, New York, dressed in her school uniform, waiting for the

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