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Asexuality: A Minority in Need of Understanding

When I told my therapist “I think I’m asexual,” she told me it was my depression that made me feel that way. She informed me that the proper treatment would “clear that right up.” Her denial of asexuality and belief

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India Discovers the Vagina

by Charukesi Ramadurai -India- First they promised to lighten and then they promised to tighten. Corporate India has suddenly discovered the vagina and cannot seem to stop talking about it. It all started about ten months ago with a cleanser

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India’s Women Find Empowerment in Exotic Dance

by Mandy Van Deven – India – Anyone who has ever sat through the frequent and painstakingly choreographed musical numbers in a Bollywood film can tell you that dance is an integral part of Indian culture. From Bhangra in the

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Filmmaker Wendy Slick Shows That “repressing women’s sexual being is a political issue”

by Jessica Mosby – USA – Including the word “orgasm” in the title of your documentary film is a bold move. After seeing the film Passion and Power: Technology of Orgasm at the Mill Valley Film Festival, I wanted to

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