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Syrian Mothers on Their Own: “We Are All the Same, Confronting Death and Our Destiny”

by Riham Alkousaa -Germany- Fadia Al-Khatib, a mother of five, came to Germany by herself. The 44-year-old Syrian woman and her husband decided that she would seek asylum first and then apply to bring her family over. Hundreds of Syrian

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A Tale of Two Syrian Daughters

by Aloosh Devrim -Syria- Nada struggles to sleep amid the rapid and consistent blasts of artillery shelling and gunfire, a noise that has become commonplace in her Damascus neighborhood. She compares her life to Afaff’s, a friend who just called

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A Family Home Torn Apart in Syrian Government Shelling: Home is Where the Heart Is

devrim shelling

by Aloosh Devrim -Syria- Araa, a 37-year-old mother, dashes through the house, hysterically inspecting one room after the other. She is shivering in panic. She tries to collect as much as she can from the shattered household items. Here and

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With Love and Respect, a Syrian Mom Dares Bashar

by Aloosh Devrim -Syria- Sunk deep in thoughts, Rania sits alone in her dark room oblivious to the thumping of feet on the roof where neighbor’s children are playing. The screams of Yousaf, her three-month-old, and the ringing telephone simultaneously

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In Syria, the Worst Seems Yet to Come

by Aloosh Devrim -Syria- Farewells are generally emotional but not as great as we experienced this evening. It had not been a social visit with family friends. The family of four, including two handsome boys, had escaped the military witch-hunt

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Maher Arar: A Case of Unjustified Government-Sanctioned Torture Continues Into the Present In a New Form

by Imelda V. Abaño – Philippines – TORONTO – “What has happened to me can never be undone!” Even after five years, even after being officially cleared by a prolonged government study, Maher Arar, a Syrian-born Canadian citizen and telecommunications

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