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Beating the ‘Designer’ Weave Addiction in Malawi

by Lerato Manyozo – Malawi – They say once you go black, you never go back. For me, turns out, it’s a much bigger story. I say, once you go virgin – Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian, Malaysian or Cambodian – you

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Being a Feminist in 2012 is a Tricky Business

by Meghan Lewis -U.K.- I can think of many greater threats to feminism than a photograph of a woman without make-up. In fact I fail to see how this can be seen as a threat to feminism at all. However,

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When Breast Implants Are Ticking Time Bombs: The PIP Scandal

by Aralena Malone-Leroy -France- In late December 2011, while most Europeans were doing last-minute holiday shopping and preparing for gargantuan meals and family festivities, hundreds of thousands of women spent achingly sleepless nights, worried that their breast implants might be

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“Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters”: Author Courtney Martin Reflects on The Frightening New Normalcy of Hating Your Body

by Courtney E. Martin – USA – I placed the voice recorder near my subject, asking if it was at a comfortable distance, and then sat down in my own chair opposite. The list of questions I had prepared for

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Unreal Beauty Is Dangerous to the Soul

by Nancy Van Ness – USA – I know what I look like, more than most people. I study photographs and film footage of myself dancing in a unitard assiduously, in order to hone my work. Not many people scrutinize

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Mary Kay Global Expansion Raises Hope, Concerns

by Sarah Wyatt – USA – The Dallas Convention Center was rocking last July. Some 42,000 Mary Kay consultants, many clad in red blazers, milled about, in attendance for the three-week national annual gathering known as Seminar. Enormous video screens

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