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How Far Should CouchSurfing Go to Ensure Women’s Safety?

couch surfing

by Mandy Van Deven -USA- When I began to understand the immensity of the world, I felt a visceral inclination to discover all that it possessed – or at least as much of it as I could. There was, however,

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A Tourist at Home and Abroad: The House on an Irish Hillside

by Emily Herzlin -USA- A few years ago I became obsessed with the 19th century Irish playwright John Millington Synge. He was raised near Dublin, but was drawn to the wild Irish west where the people still spoke Irish. After

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Generation ‘Y’ Leads the Way in the Rise of Active Global Citizenship

by Katie Palmer -Canada- In recent years, there has been a slight yet noticeable shift among many Western young adult travelers. Once adventurously backpacking across Northern Europe and other parts of the world, they now combine cheap travel to the

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