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Call Me Kuchu – Empowering Uganda’s LGBT Activists

by Alexandra Marie Daniels Arts & Culture Editor When I learned the principal character in the film Call Me Kuchu is the slain human rights activist David Kato, I felt a sense of relief. Stories come and go in the

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You Either Work or You Die: Mob ‘Justice’ in Uganda

by Jemma Williams -Australia- It was Christmas day in Fort Portal, Uganda. A large group of people had gathered by the roadside and were all moving in one direction. At the front were the younger men. Many of them carried

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Woman to Woman: How Giving in Uganda Changed My Life

by Carrie R. Sparrevohn – USA – In 2005 I traveled to Uganda, East Africa, for the first time. I met Margaret Nangobi on that trip, in Mwanyangiri, a tiny village about an hour’s drive from the capitol. What transpired

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Medical Community in Uganda Unites in Support of Pesticide Use to Eradicate Malaria – Environmentalists Still Protest

by Halimah Abdallah Kisule – Uganda – The numbers are staggering. Dr Myers Lugemwa, officer in charge of malaria research at the Ministry of Health’s Department of Malaria Control Program says, “Malaria is the greatest killer in this country: 320

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Uganda’s New Copyright Law Gives Hope to Artists

by Halimah Abdallah Kisule – Uganda – In Uganda, the widespread burning of counterfeit CDs has robbed musicians of their due. Until August of last year, Uganda used a copyright law inherited from its former British colonial masters. The law

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Uganda’s Coffee Producers Hope to Benefit from Vietnam’s Dismal Crop Yield After Climate Change Diminishes Supply

by Esther Nakkazi – Uganda – Coffee exporters in developing countries are bracing themselves for higher unit export prices.Triggered by speculative buying from a supply shortage from Vietnam, one of the world’s biggest coffee producers, current conditions are fueling an

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Uganda’s Orphan Problems Not About to End

by Halima Abdallah K. – Uganda – Uganda’s Minister of Gender, Labor and Social Development, a department charged with monitoring the conditions of children and the elderly, reports that there are two million orphans in Uganda, either living with a

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Karamoja Now More Insecure than Northern Uganda, Part II

by Halima Abdallah Kisule – Kampala, Uganda – Kenya, however, may not be a safe haven for the warriors as a similar disarmament exercise is taking place. Both Kenya and Uganda maintain liaison officers in each other’s countries. Sudan, which

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PMTCT: Uganda’s Effort to Prevent Mother-to-Child Transmission of AIDS

By Esther Nakkazi – Uganda – The number of pregnant women in Uganda accessing Nevirapine, the drug that stops mothers from passing HIV to their newborn babies, is rapidly growing with all districts in the country now offering the service.

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Karamoja Now More Insecure than Northern Uganda, Part I

By Halima Abdallah Kisule – Kampala, Uganda – The ongoing disarmament process in Karamoja has taken a nasty turn as Karachunas (warriors) are engaging the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) soldiers in battle, escalating an already bad security situation in

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