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Irish People Say No to Domestic Water Charges

by Lucy Fitzgerald -Ireland- A contentious issue in Ireland is the government’s decision to introduce water charges for every household. There have been mass anti-water charge protests throughout the country organized by opposition political parties and campaign groups. Claiming that

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Nepal: Civil War Victims Protest Blanket Amnesty for Human Rights Violators

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by Chin Cabrido -Nepal- On April 1, 2013, Nepal’s Supreme Court overturned an ordinance to implement the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), sparking a debate about whether public executions would soon be carried out as punishment for heinous crimes during

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The Chilean Student Movement: Overcoming a History of Political Repression

by Cassandra S. Stedham -Editorial Intern- There is a certain aura that hangs thick and heavy in the Chilean air. I feel it as soon as I step off the airplane and during my taxi ride through the metropolis of

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One Billion Rising Against Sexual Violence: Will It Be Enough for India?

by Chryselle D’Silva Dias -India- I was a schoolgirl when I first experienced harassment on public buses in Mumbai. I still remember the red double-decker #361, the conductor with the pock-marked face and thick black moustache not moving an inch

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No Way Back: Yemeni Women Rise Up

by Olga Ghazaryan -Yemen- The stories from Yemen generally covered by the media are those about the Al Qaida insurgency, political turmoil, and occasionally the shocking levels of hunger and poverty. However, there is another story unfolding in Yemen that

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Interview with Nobel Laureate Tawakkol Karman: President Saleh Must Stand Trial

by Wojoud Mejalli -Yemen- I met with the Yemeni Nobel Peace Prize winner Tawakkol Karman in Oslo during the Nobel Peace Ceremony on December 10, 2011. After the ceremony, a few minutes were stolen away from other concerns to have

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Juvenile (In)Justice in Kashmir

by Nusrat Ara -Indian administered Kashmir- My heart sinks as I look at the collage, carried by almost all the local newspapers, of children standing before judges in the local court. Looking forlorn and lost, the children are handcuffed and

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SlutWalk To Femicide: Making The Connection

by Rita Banerji -India- In January, a Toronto police constable told a group of students at a school safety forum that to prevent being sexually assaulted they should “avoid dressing like sluts.” This victim-blaming message sparked a global grassroots protest

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Bothaina Kamel: Revolutionary, Defender of Social Justice, and Egypt’s First Female Nominee

by Manar Ammar -Egypt- In a sea of local press coverage and media appearances of presidential nominees for Egypt’s upcoming election, Bothaina Kamel’s name is left out. As the country’s first woman to nominate herself for Egypt’s highest position, she

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Breaking the Silence: Rallying around the World to End Gender-based Street Harassment

by Holly Kearl -USA- What does a woman in Bangalore, India, standing on a busy street corner, waiting for a bus have in common with a teenage girl in Queens, New York, dressed in her school uniform, waiting for the

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