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Benazir Bhutto: India’s View of What Was Lost by Her Death

by Neeta Lal – India – While Benazir Bhutto’s tragic assassination has rudely jolted Pakistan – a country already torn asunder by political instability and terrorism – it has also had a strong resonance across all of Asia especially in

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A New Dawn for Nigerian Women? Time Will Tell

by Susan Enuogbope Majekodunmi – Nigeria – Nigeria is an oil-rich country in West Africa also endowed with other mostly unexploited natural resources, such as coal and tin, iron ore and other valuable minerals. Colonized by the British, their influence

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Argentina’s Elections: Another First Lady Has an Excellent Chance of Becoming President on Her Own Merits

by Vera von Kreutzbruck – Germany/Argentina – Unless there is a dramatic and highly improbable last-minute shift in the voter polls, the 28th of October will prove historic for Argentina. That day the country is expected to elect a female

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Profile of Dr. Asha-Rose Migiro

by Esther Nakkazi – Uganda – Upon taking office in January, Ban Ki-Moon, the new UN Secretary General, announced that he would appoint a woman as the second in command at the UN Secretariat. That his appointment turned out to

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