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Entrepreneurship Opportunities Help Youth in Kenyan Slums Succeed

Each year in Kenya, many youth migrate to cities like Nairobi, Kisumu, and Mombasa from rural settlements in search of “the urban dream.” Employment opportunities, electricity and better housing coupled with higher education lead them to leave their rural homes

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Girls Rock!: Keeping the Beat for Aspiring Female Musicians

by Jessica Mosby – USA – The experiences and emotions of young American girls are much more complicated, and even tragic, than most people, particularly men, would assume. Girls as young as eight are regularly confronting low self-esteem, eating disorders,

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The Life or Slow Death of American Artists

by Nancy Van Ness – USA – As director of a performing ensemble, one of the joys of my life is to support other artists and witness their work. There is nothing more satisfying than watching my young colleague Lena

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Local African Designs Speak the Language of Youth

by Rosemary Okello – Kenya – Walking through Mefa Creations, a local organization specializing in African designs and located along Ngong Road in Nairobi, you are greeted with bold African colors, local jewelry and clothing made from African fabrics. The

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