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The Price of Education: Sexual Abuse and HIV/AIDS At Zimbabwe’s Universities

by Chumile Jamela -Zimbabwe- Lisa Kunene’s* path to higher learning has been a painful one. A 20-year-old first-year engineering student at one of the top universities in Zimbabwe, she was born to a poor communal farmer in rural Matebeleland South,

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Video Testimonials Document Politically Motivated Sexual Violence in Zimbabwe

by Abigail Wendle – USA – According to the Zimbabwe Rape Survivors Association, during last year’s highly contested presidential election an estimated 2,000 women and girls were the targets of politically-motivated sexual violence in Zimbabwe. State-sanctioned groups under President Robert

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Tapestries of Hope: Director Michealene Cristini Risley on the Tenacity and Optimism of Zimbabwe’s Rape Survivors

by Jessica Mosby – USA – The most striking element of the new documentary Tapestries of Hope is not the hell that the young rape survivors profiled have lived through, but their unbreakable spirit. The film is a vibrant international

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Zimbabwe Introduces Special Banknotes as Inflation Soars

by Lelety Mabasa – Zimbabwe – Always faithful in shocking the world, Zimbabwe has scored yet another first, and as usual, for all the wrong reasons. It seems that the country is moving towards an economy of special cheques for

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Mugabe Wages Retribution Campaign After Losing the Election: Hundreds Flee for “Safety”

by Constance Manika – Zimbabwe – In the early hours of April 25th, Tariro Gweru and her husband Wellington awoke to a deafening knock on their bedroom hut. Wellington says he identified the frantic voices of his two friends, Simon

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No Election Results But a Recount Begins: Mugabe Uses Violence to Reverse the People’s Will as MDC Calls for a Work Boycott

by Constance Manika – Zimbabwe – “The moment the people stop supporting you, that’s the moment you should quit politics.” These were the seemingly reasonable and even wise words President Robert Mugabe used in the Highfield suburb of Harare, Zimbabwe’s

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Ruling ZANU PF Loses Majority to the Opposition in Zimbabwe & Seeks Election Runoff to Save Face

by Constance Manika – Zimbabwe – On Saturday, March 29th, I was one of the millions of Zimbabweans who went to the polls to choose a new president. I cast my vote to choose both a lower and upper house

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Election Fever Grips Zimbabweans as Prospects for Change Are Near

by Constance Manika – Zimbabwe – Tinashe Choruma and his wife Irene live in the suburb of Epworth here in the capital, Harare, where many of city’s poor reside. The housing is poorly constructed – some homes are made from

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London Rally Draws Many of the UK’s Struggling Zimbabwean Exiles

by Sandra Nyaira – UK – On a chilly Saturday afternoon as rain drizzles continually from the grey London skies, Trafalgar Square slowly fills with women from all walks of life, braving the winds and cold. Exiled Zimbabwean men and

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“South Africa Treats Zimbabwean Refugees Like Criminals”

by Grace Kwinjeh – South Africa – Last week Zimbabwe’s civil society and opposition held a commemorative vigil marking the anniversary of the gruesome torture of opposition leaders (myself included) at the hands of the Mugabe government. The world watched

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